No, It’s Not Just Our Imagination

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I read a short article the other day in a magazine (that I can’t remember) that was based off of a study published in Psychological Science. I couldn’t find the study (though I must admit, I didn’t actually look that hard) but I was quite struck by what the article said and thought I’d share it with you all.

A study was conducted that basically said that we don’t just read because it engages our creative mind, but that “readers get the same psychological benefits of belonging when immersed in plot as when part of a real-world group.”

How cool is that??

We’re happy when we read not just because our imaginations take us away to other worlds to meet new and exciting people, but that our brains react as if the books were real, that the people we read about are real.

I think that’s pretty darn neat.

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12 thoughts about "No, It’s Not Just Our Imagination"

  • Small Town Shelly Brown says:

    Sure, I buy it. It's an emotional connection to another person (albeit a fictional person)

  • Rebecca Emin says:

    I like the results of that study. That does explain why people get so engrossed in books, and why there is that sense of loss when you get to the end of a really good book.

    • Team 1I liked how many of the members shared about a personnel experience in which they were lead by the law of influence. Given that there is such a limited amount of time for the presentation a format that included one personnel experience (maybe by skit) and reading a passage of scripture that demonstrated Jesus leading by influence follow by a discussion would have been more effective.

    • Tony — remember the solar cell produces DC power. You have to feed it to an inverter to get usable AC. I betcha the loss in the inverter runs around 20%. 0.8 * 750 watts is in the ballpark of the 420 watts from the Sandia Stirling-engine solar electric setup. You’re right, though, fun to see this kinda horse race. Didja know

  • Kathi Oram Peterson says:

    Sounds like fun!

    I just stopped by to tell you that you won the book I'm giving away this week. I just need your address so I can pop it in the mail to you. Please email me at kathiorampeterson(at)yahoo(dot)com. Thanks!

  • Laura Barnes says:

    That is completely a cool concept. I love it! And it makes so much sense.

    I also wanted to let you know I responded to a comment you left the other day on my blog:

  • Deana says:

    I have to say I agree. When I finish a book I really love I feel a lose like the characters are my buddies. Very crazy but true.

  • lindy says:

    Isn't the mind an amazing organ? Thanks for sharing your findings, I love learning about stuff like this.

    By the way, I have a few awards for you over on my blog, drop by and pick them up when you get a chance!

  • Ms Saba (aka Teacher007.5) says:

    Nice! I do like to get caught up in the worlds of books 😀 Looking forward to the Warm Fuzzies Blog Fest! 😀

  • Sher A. Hart says:

    Which explains why I hid under my bed at the age of nine reading Fellowship of the Ring. When the ring wraiths rode by, I had to hide too. I read your flash fiction late due to traveling, but great job and congrats on 2nd place!

  • JJ Toner (euclid) says:

    There's a real lesson here for writers!!

    Where can I read your flash fiction?

  • Krispy says:

    That's awesome, and it's yet another reason for the importance of having diversity in books. It really does expand people's experience and views!

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