Week 3 Winners!

I believe this week’s prompt has been my favorite, by far! You all made this week a blast, with your awesome title guesses and excerpts.

I was struggling yesterday to figure out who would win the hand-made journal from the Title contest when I went on Twitter and saw Rebecca Enzor’s Tweet: “I think a complete stranger in @julianalbrandt’s Warm Fuzzies Blogfest just came up with the new title for Fie Eoin! #itsperfect!”   Of course, I had to go check out the title and I agree, it is pretty perfect.

This means that Rachel Frost wins the hand-made journal for her title: The Nameless Warrior, for Rebecca’s WIP. Yay!

I have to let you all know, I had an incredibly difficult time deciding how to work the title contest, mostly because you all did such an amazing job. Seriously, I was cracking up all week from the hilarious guesses (I mean, did y’all catch Cassie Mae’s comments?) and by the fabulous serious ones. I definitely know where to go to if I get stuck on naming my WIP!

Random.org chose the incredibly lucky winner of the 1/2 hour phone call with Misty. Congrats to Jessica! You guys are going to have an amazing time talking 🙂

Next week is the final week of the blogfest. Be sure to check back Monday for the prompt and prizes- I’ve been greatly anticipating this week since the start of the fest!

Keep track of your points still (+5 for blogging and +1 for fb/twitter/Google+) and yes, I’m fine with guestimating points 😉 I trust you all!

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