I have something a bit different for you all today! I’ve joined together with Julie and the Swagger writers to create an accountability post AND come the middle of the year, we’re going to have a Check-in Blogfest. Woop woop!

So, will we keep our resolutions in 2012?


To make my resolutions for this year, I wanted to check out if I succeeded at all in completing any from last year. I had to go wayyy back to my old blog ( to find my resolutions from last year. Impressively, I actually managed to do one of them! (Although it was totally by mistake.)

Last year, I had four resolutions:
1. Become a published author, whether it be a short story, an article for a newspaper/magazine, or a book.
2. Learn how to cook!
3. Play the piano every day.
4. Floss every day.

I did become published this year, though it was through Rachel Harrie’s blogfest. Woohoo! 🙂 Her fest was a ton of fun and I LOVE that she published a book out of the fabulous short stories everyone wrote. The only other resolution I kept was flossing and THAT only lasted half the year… *sigh*

SO, this year, I am going to cut the resolutions in half and see if that helps.

1. Floss every day!
2. Query and try my best to land an agent.

Juliana Brandt


Julie Jordan

I’m one of the many who has always wanted to be a published writer. 2012 is MY YEAR! My debut novel, Book 1 of 4 in my TIME Series, is an adult romance with a touch of paranormal.

Janelle’s Time (Book 1) is at the publisher now. Janelle, the daughter of a New Hampshire farmer, and Richard, the youngest son of an English Duke, have a rough time getting it right, for all their great love. Will their love overcome all the obstacles? I’m already working on the marketing and promotion. This book, especially, must show at least moderate success or everything else planned for the year won’t matter much… No pressure, right?

Moria’s Time (Book 2) was my NaNoWriMo project for 2011 and sits at 51,000 words. Moria, Janelle’s daughter, is the focus of a vision as an infant. She fulfills that vision for her life in service to others, but finds herself in grave danger – and in love. Will Moria and her lover survive the danger? Will their love survive her destiny of service to others? I need to finish and submit this.

Adelle’s Time (Book 3) is still in my mind, but the story is starting to gel. This book alone could take a big chunk of the year. Adelle, Moria’s twin sister, is an American country girl with an English aristocrat father. She dreams of being an English Lady, and will stop at nothing to achieve that goal. Will she be happy as an English Duchess in Victorian England, or will she find her way home to her American roots?

Logan’s Time (Book 4) is about halfway through the first draft. Finishing this book is also a priority. Logan, the Scots’ Duke of Muileach, grows up in the Scots’ Highlands. There are women in Logan’s life: Annella, his mother who abandoned him; Rachel, his wife; and Seanna, his sometimes-lover. Will Logan make peace with his mother? Will Logan and Rachel live happily ever after? Or, will Seanna destroy Logan’s marriage?

I’m not delusional – Wonder Woman couldn’t do all this in one year – but I’ll give it my best shot.

Julie Jordan

And from the Swaggers:

Kim Van Sickler:

In 2012, I resolve:
1. To pursue the path to publication for my mermaid and witch MG books, including continuing to search for an agent and publishers, and rewriting as needed.
2. Write at least one short story a month.
3. Keep the Swagger blog going strong.
4. Complete a new book that’s not narrated in female first-person present.

Kim’s hubby knew exactly what to get her for their anniversary. Her first laptop, so she’s not chained to the desktop.


Gina Gort:

With the support of my family, I can swagger. 2012 Resolution: To press on regardless.

Gina will draw inspiration from her family in the year ahead.


Kathy Cannon Wiechman:

I resolve to try to have a more positive attitude and be more proactive in my manuscript submissions.

Kathy’s going to force herself to move to the next level.


Graziella Buonanno:

I will write my WIP at least every day at least 15 hours per week.

Grace hopes her resolution isn’t a fish story.

For all of you out there making resolutions, GOOD LUCK! We sincerely wish you the best for the upcoming year. Leave us a comment below about your goals in 2012. Then don’t forget to come back to our blogs in June for the Mid-year Accountability Blogfest!

Happy New Year!!
Juliana Brandt, Julie Jordan, & Swagger

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