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I got this nifty little idea from Writer’s Digest. Writing dialogue is hard. There really isn’t any other way to put it. It’s necessary to cut down on character’s speech (keeping out the use of words, such as: So, Um, Uh, Like, Well) because even though it’s how we talk, it definitely doesn’t mean we should write that way.

This is a great tool for learning how to tighten dialogue and it’s going to make for a fun blog hop.

The goal is to write a scene using only dialogue and everything has to be written Twitter style: only 140 characters per dialogue entry. Your post can be as long or short, funny or serious as you’d like. There are no rules other than keeping dialogue to 140 characters. Have your post up by Thursday night and add the link to your post to the linky-link below. The winner will be chosen based on creativity and strength of dialogue, and will win a $10 gift card to Amazon.

Start with a theme: I have a prince who is trying to steal the gold from a dragon.

Add characters: @ConnivingPrince, @PrettyPrincess, @DangerousDragon,

And have fun!

@PrettyPrincess: I’m pretty.

@ConnivingPrince: Stop fluffing your dress. It’s poofy enough. You’re getting pink glitter everywhere.

@PrettyPrincess: It makes me prettier.

@ConivingPrince: Your prettiness has nothing to do with your tastiness. We need the dragon to eat you, not stare at you.


@ConnivingPrince: Pouting won’t do any good.

@PrettyPrincess: …

@ConnivingPrince: Either will batting your eyelashes. Besides, I like brunettes, not blonds.

@PrettyPrincess: My golden locks are much prettier than dirty-water colored hair.

@ConnivingPrince: Let’s hope the dragon thinks so.

@PrettyPrincess: I don’t know why I agreed to this. After I’m eaten, I won’t be pretty anymore and I do like being pretty.

@ConnivingPrince: You agreed to it because while the dragon eats you, I can steal his gold.

@PrettyPrincess: That doesn’t make any sense!

@ConnivingPrince: Too late. We’re already here.

@DangerousDragon: ROARRRRR!

@PrettyPrincess: I don’t want to be eaten!

@ConnivingPrince: I want that gold!

@DangerousDragon: Roar?

@PrettyPrincess: You’re a rather cute dragon, aren’t you?

@ConnivingPrince: Eat her! Eat her you stupid dragon!

@DangerousDragon: Grrr, hiss.

@PrettyPrincess: Don’t be mean to him.

@ConnivingPrince: I’ll be mean to whomever I’d like, stupid, ugly girl.

@PrettyPrincess: I am not ugly.

@ConnivingPrince: You’re hideous

@DangerousDragon: Snort.

@ConnivingPrince: No, that’s my arm! Blood? Is that my blood? All I wanted was the gooooold…

@DangerousDragon: Gulp.

@PrettyPrincess: What a sweet dragon you are.

@DangerousDragon: Purrr.

@PrettyPrincess: Yes, I think I’m pretty, too. Thank you very much.

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