I is for Impala


When I was in high school, one of my favorite games to play on trips was the ‘Animal Game.’ My friends and I would play this for hours…maybe that gives you a hint as to how cool we were πŸ™‚

The Animal Game is exactly what it sounds like. Pick a letter of the alphabet, think of an animal and begin: “I’m thinking of an animal and it begins with the letter I.”

Impala, of course.

Though I never would have guessed that. I am notoriously terrible at the Animal Game. It took me hours to guess Oyster for the letter O, even after I was given the clue that it’s a cracker, too.Β The most difficult animal I’ve heard: Trumpeter Swan. Yes, seriously. It took a group of us days to figure that one out.

As for other rules to the game, if the guesser needs hints, they can ask yes or no questions (a favorite is, “Is it bigger than a bread box?”) Other than that, have at it!

I promise, this isn’t as stupid of a game as it sounds and it’s perfect for road trips πŸ™‚

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