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K is for Katie- Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Katie is my sister, and guess what? SHE’S GETTING MARRIED! Next weekend! 9 days away and this is how I feel => =D =D =D =D =D =D =D, except times that by ten.

Today, I’m making a list of items to stick into a Wedding Day Emergency Kit. See if you can find any items I might be missing…

-mini lint roller
-mini sewing kit
-mini deoderant
-travel-size tissues
-wet ones
-cotton rounds
-hair spray
-bobby pins
-tiny altoids
-allergy medicine
-safety pins
-fashion tape
-lip glass
-nail file
-static-cling spray
-eye drops

*sigh* Don’t you love weddings?? I do!

I is for Impala


When I was in high school, one of my favorite games to play on trips was the ‘Animal Game.’ My friends and I would play this for hours…maybe that gives you a hint as to how cool we were :)

The Animal Game is exactly what it sounds like. Pick a letter of the alphabet, think of an animal and begin: “I’m thinking of an animal and it begins with the letter I.”

Impala, of course.

Though I never would have guessed that. I am notoriously terrible at the Animal Game. It took me hours to guess Oyster for the letter O, even after I was given the clue that it’s a cracker, too. The most difficult animal I’ve heard: Trumpeter Swan. Yes, seriously. It took a group of us days to figure that one out.

As for other rules to the game, if the guesser needs hints, they can ask yes or no questions (a favorite is, “Is it bigger than a bread box?”) Other than that, have at it!

I promise, this isn’t as stupid of a game as it sounds and it’s perfect for road trips :)

H is for Hope

The very least you can do in your life is figure out what you hope for. And the most you can do is live inside that hope. Not admire it from a distance but live right in it, under its roof. -Barbara Kingsolver

G is for Gar

Gar are precisely why I never swam in any lakes or rivers in Mississippi. *shudder* (Go look them up)

((Yeah, yeah, that was an easy way out for my ‘G’ post, but it still counts…right?? ;))

Happy Easter weekend, everyone!!! :)


F is for Future

The past, the present and the future walked into a bar.

It was tense.

I’m off to a baseball game. I apologize for the short posts both for today and tomorrow, but I hope you enjoyed the joke above, anyway :)