Q is for Questions

I love asking questions. I think it’s something all writers are good at. And, I don’t just mean questions in general, I mean questions about books. On of my biggest inspirations are other books I read. When I finish the last pages (if it’s a good book), I’m left wanting to ask more questions about the world. Eventually, these questions evolve and as I try to find answers for them, I end up inspiring an entirely new story of my own.

Does this ever happen to you after you read a good book?


((I do apologize for my absence from the internet-waves. I will be home on vacation for my sister’s wedding until Tuesday.))

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6 thoughts about "Q is for Questions"

  • Yup and that’s how I got my first novel, Being Human. Read Thirsty by MT Anderson and wondered what would happen next to the MC. Ended up w/ a completely different kind of vampire and story, but that was the question that brought the story to life.

  • TL Conway says:

    Ugh, all the time. Sometimes, I wonder if I spend too much time thinking about the book or movie and somehow work myself into NOT liking it because I’ve come up with too many unanswered questions. Really, it’s quite silly on my part. I should just allow the book to take me places and not question it. 🙂

    Have fun at the wedding this weekend!

  • Shell Flower says:

    Certain books always inspire me to write. Doris Lessing’s Mara and Dan, an Adventure is one of those books. Also Starhawk’s Fifth Sacred Thing. I sometimes read one of these books just because I know it will make me want to write. I love books.

  • Almost always! I know when I need inspiration, all I need to do is read a good book. I find myself googling lots of stuff after I read good novels, just to learn more about a particular subject I found interesting.

  • Jack says:

    Sometimes, not always. Depends on the book. Depends on the genre! 🙂

  • Enjoy your break Juliana! 🙂

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