T is for Time

I’ve come to realize whole-heartedly that there is no point to rushing the process of writing. When I first began on this journey, I had the most difficult time accepting that it takes time to finish a book, time to edit, time to wait for critiques to come back, time to wait for answers to submissions, time time time and even more time.

I hope I’ve learned at least a little patience through this process, though if it extends to other areas of my life, I’m not sure 😉

How do you all deal with the time-issue of writing?


((I do apologize for my absence from the internet-waves. I will be home on vacation for my sister’s wedding until Tuesday.))

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2 thoughts about "T is for Time"

  • Jay Noel says:

    I generally freak out.

    I had a melt down a couple of weeks ago, as my publisher’s deadline is this coming Friday. I had so much to fix, so many things to re-do and reconstruct.

    There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and when I get there, I plan on taking a little vacation.

  • Shell says:

    I think everyone goes into writing thinking that they will be the exception to the “It takes time” rule. Sure, there are debut authors out there who were published quickly, but that is so not the norm and who knows how their sophomore novels will go? The harder you work at it, the more meaningful it will be when you make it. I’ve definitely slowed down and stopped blogging much just to focus on actually writing again. It’s been really helpful.

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