What you Don’t Know about Changing a Tire

On one of the first days after moving, I got a flat. Now, the flat wasn’t a big deal- as soon as I had my driver’s license, Dad made sure I knew how to change a tire. And Cale was also with me (yay!).

The problem came when this little guy showed up:

That 5th nut is pretty, it looks like a flower, but the outside is slick and the wrench just didn’t hold onto it. So, we made a few calls, asked some friends and family, and finally someone knew what the flower nut was: a safety mechanism, called a tire key. They said that somewhere in my car there would be another nut that would fit into the flower and we’d be able to use the wrench to get it off. After much searching, it was found buried in my center console.

The whole tire-changing process took much longer than necessary and in 100 degree heat, we were sweating buckets, but at least now we know what the tire key is.

So, do you have a tire key? When was the last time you had to change a tire?

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8 thoughts about "What you Don’t Know about Changing a Tire"

  • Krispy says:

    Oh man, I don’t know how to change a tire at all. It’s probably one of those life skills I should know, but…I don’t. 😛 Kudos to you & glad you found that tire key!

  • How weird… I’ve never heard of that! I don’t think I have one.

    I admit I’ve never changed a tired before. I was actually thinking about that today whilst driving to strange new places and wondering what on earth I would do if I suddenly got a flat, what with Husband in school and carless and me not knowing anybody for 700 miles…

  • Carrie-Anne says:

    I’ve never had to change a tire. The one time I got a flat (ran over some trailer hook and somehow managed to drive several miles home without a problem!), it was taken care of by AAA. My dream hobby (should I have enough money and space) is antique cars, so if that dream ever comes true, I’l need to know how to fix tires!

    My favorite spin instructor got a flat at like 1 AM when he was in Long Island and on his way back from a concert by one of his favorite classic metal bands. He managed to fix it even though it was so late and he was far from home.

  • Jess Byam says:

    I’ve heard of these tire keys, but I’ve never seen one before! Sounds like quite the ordeal.

  • Kelley Lynn says:

    Ummm… no idea. I’ve got to go check now 🙂

  • I’ve never had to change a tire. I should probably learn how…

    Great news! I finally got my Google Reader to accept your website so now I will be getting your latest posts. YAY!

  • Lynn Wynn says:

    Oh, those tire keys! It was a wonderful invention to slow tire thieves down when they are trying to take your new tires. Yeah, we had some on our Subaru I think, but nothing since then that I’ve noticed. Funny thing, I’ll bet tire theives have one in their tool box. Does one size fit all?

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