What’s a Girl do without Internet?

We are finally settled into our new home. Even better, we finally have internet! After a week and a half of using my phone for all emailing/interneting needs, it feels amazing to be able to jump onto my computer.

So, what exactly does a girl do when she doesn’t have internet? I’m glad you asked! Here’s what I filled my last week and a half with–


Lots of this. Fortunately, this is the extra bedroom and pretty much all other spaces in the house are box free.

A pretty decent amount of this, too. Trails. Hiking. Mountains! It’s the best part of the area we live in now.

I’ve hung out with these guys a whole bunch. In my books, that’s an excellent use of time.

Oh, and…I’ve also done a heck of a lot of this–


What do you do when you don’t have internet?


If you haven’t signed up for the Happy Snail Mail campaign, head on over here to do so 🙂

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