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It’s finally here, GUTGAA! Gearing Up To Get An Agent is organized by the ever lovely Deana Barnhart. If you haven’t heard or aren’t signed up yet, head on over to her blog. We have an amazing month ahead of us!

Here are my answers for the meet and greet. I can’t wait to blog hop and meet all of you GUTGAA-ers πŸ™‚

-Where do you write?
I write in the recliner with my laptop. Usually I have at least one dog squeezed into the recliner with me and the bf has some sort of sport playing on the tv (I love that as I’m not tempted to watch and can concentrate on my work ;))
-Quick. Go to your writing space, sit down and look to your left. What is the first thing you see?
Ha! My kindle is sitting directly to my left. I’m sure that says something.
-Favorite time to write?
I am most prolific (err…efficient…hah) at night. This is awful since I’m a morning person and love getting in bed around ten, but when I’m on a writing kick, I’ll frequently have to push my bed time back by a couple of hours #ohwell
-Drink of choice while writing?
If wine didn’t make the editing phase more difficult, I’m sure I would chose that, but as is, I’ll answer with plain old delicious water.
-When writing, do you listen to music or do you need complete silence?
I like having background noise, hence why having football or baseball playing in the background is nice. Music tends to distract me as I’ll focus on the melody or words. I adore classical music, but even that will take me out of the writing mindset.
-What was your inspiration for your latestΒ manuscriptΒ and where did you find it?
My inspiration was found on a news report that referred to cadaver dogs. I’d never heard of them and immediately dove into research. The idea of the cadaver dog was combined with a sci fi-ish idea I had stored away and voila, my MS was born.
-What’s your most valuable writing tip?
Don’t be lazy. Simple and sweet, but very true.
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