The lovely Rebecca Enzor is having her Pony Fest celebration again this year, so of course, I had to jump in!

The idea is to create a My Little Pony that represents your MS in some way, either using a character or going by theme. Last year, I made three pony’s based on the two books I was working on at the time (weird, but you actually have to visit my old blog to check them out :) This year, since the MS I’m querying is Cadaver Dog, the same book I was working on last year, I was stumped on which character to make into a pony. Instead, I’m using the theme idea.

Here is my pony, Desert!

My MS takes place after a drought wipes out earth. It hasn’t truly rained in hundreds of years, so I think my desert pony is a wonderful portrayal of my MS :) I mean, look at his flowing deserty hair and hooves the color of sunshine.

I can’t wait to check out everyone else’s ponies!

p.s. Desert wanted a cutie mark of desert dunes, but my technical computer skills are limited. Feel free to imagine one there yourselves ;)

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