July 2013 Archive

Health and Writing

Lately, I’ve been on a growing health kick. I’ve made a few simple changes in my life and am hoping they are a gateway to more healthy lifestyle choices. Sometimes, I think it’s easy to be tempted into sitting on the couch at my laptop all day and forget the rest of my body needs to be worked out too, not just my brain! I’m curious what you all do to ensure you stay healthy, overall.

Check out my list below. These are the things that I’ve incorporated into my life. Do you have any recommendations for me of new healthy habits I could try?

-I make a simple smoothie every day for lunch. I make it in the morning, stick it in the freezer at work, and let it thaw about an hour before it’s time to eat.

-I am consistently making real dinners at home. This saves money and I find I’m oddly proud of myself when I make something particularly delicious.

-I ran a half-marathon a couple months ago, but am no longer motivated to do longer runs. Instead, I’ve been walking a three mile loop with our dog 3-4 times a week. I love walking and it’s a great time to listen to audiobooks 🙂

-Lastly, I’m doing strength exercises again! I have always been terrible at consistency concerning exercises. Usually after a month or two, my motivation fizzles, but that’s not stopping me from giving it another go. If you have any suggestions for keeping up motivation, be sure to let me know in the comments!