I Went To Circus School…Sort Of

Have I told you guys that I went to circus school?

Okay okay, that isn’t entirely true, but how cool would that have been?! My senior year of high school, our teacher assigned us the project of writing an ethnography. My partner and I brainstormed what sort of culture we’d like to study and on a whim, never thinking it’d actually be an option, we searched to find out if there were any circus’ in the area. And…voila, we found Circus Juventas–a circus school for youth, located right in our area!

For the duration of the project, my partner and I completed observation hours, watching as teachers stretched elementary aged students–helping their bodies learn how to fit into contortionists positions,  interviewed a boy who much preferred riding around a ten foot tall unicycle to walking, gaped as high schoolers performed aerials and learned acrobatics and practiced trapeze acts…And in all seriousness, holy smokes Batman did it make me want to up and join the circus.

I suppose I still have that paper somewhere, but I wish smart phones had been around back then, so I could have taken pictures and videos of how talented and accomplished these kids were.

Have you ever wanted to join the circus? Seriously! [I’m looking at you, Jessica Byam!]

p.s. Katie Cooper, do you still have that paper we wrote??

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4 thoughts about "I Went To Circus School…Sort Of"

  • Jess Byam says:

    That sounds soooooooooo cool! I want to go to circus school! And what a great idea for an ethnography paper. I’ll bet your teacher loved reading your paper and appreciated your creativity.

    I may be almost 28, but I still might run away and join the circus. I haven’t completely crossed that off my bucket list yet–especially not with horse-themed circuses like Chevalia out there. Haha!

  • Wow! I want to go to circus school too! Sounds like a lot of fun.

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