It’s time for Rebecca Enzor’s annual #PonyFest16! I’m happy to say that I’m getting in my entry a couple days before it’s due, unlike in years past. During PonyFest, authors turn their characters into My Little Ponies. It’s a blast and is surprisingly addicting. Usually, I end up giving in and turning a cast of characters into ponies, but this year, I’ve narrowed it down to choosing just one character! Go me :P



This is Yarrow, a monster made of rock and trees and ice and magic. He’s a pensive creature and prone to quaking so hard, dirt rains down out of his body. I adore this creature, and I especially adore how he transforms at the end of the book–both literally and figuratively :D

highly suggest checking out the other ponies! Rebecca will link to them and will start official voting for the contest on October 4th!

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