Cover Reveal Tomorrow!

It’s very nearly time for the cover for The Wolf of Cape Fen to be revealed! I’ll have a separate post on that coming up, but for now, I wanted to show you some very special illustrations Lace Little drew in celebration of the cover! I posted on picture each day leading up to the release over on twitter, facebook, and instagram. I’ll add them all below, along with the short descriptions I included.


This first picture is at the heart of the magic system in The Wolf of Cape Fen. One of the hallmarks of my writing process is beginning drafting with convoluted magic systems that require a lot of refining. WOLF was no different. When I began drafting, I knew the magic had something to do with the night, with striking bargains, with secret wishes of the heart. What I didn’t know was what tied it together. I certainly didn’t understand that the magic was an exploration of the struggles I was going through at the time. Magic is often a metaphor, and that certainly holds true for this story. I hope you enjoy this small hint of the glue that holds together the magic in my upcoming release!


This picture is a nod to the animals in my story. To be honest, I had no idea I would have animals in The Wolf of Cape Fen. But as writing often goes, this book had another plan for me. The animals are rarely outright. They’re not a huge part of the story. They’re woven in and sneaky and tell a story all on their own. Of course, I have a wolf in my book. IBut there are others. They’re hidden. And they’re integral to how the story ends.


Lacee has been surprising me with wolf pictures for months now, and every time, it reminds me of how important this wolf is to me, of what it represents. It represents the moment I first had an idea of the concept: a wolf and a big sister who was very, very frightened of what that wolf could do. Because what that wolf wants is to take away the person most dear to her: her little sister.

To me, the wolf is a representation of power and all the ways Eliza, the big sister, will fight to wrest power for herself.


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