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THE PHANTOM ISLAND publishing spring 2022


A WILDER MAGIC publishing spring 2021

Cover design by Nicole Hower and illustration by Millie Liu.

There is magic in the valley.

For generations, Sybaline Shaw’s family has lived in an enchanted valley in the Appalachian Mountains, using their magic to help grow the land. But now the government has built a dam that will force the Shaws to relocate, and they’re running out of time before their home will be flooded.

Syabline and her cousin Nettle can’t imagine life without the valley and its magic, so they do the one thing they can do: they stay. Using magic, they build an invisible wall around their home. As the water rises, they learn a terrible truth: the water will continue to rise, leaving them to live beneath the lake itself.

There is also a consequence to using magic selfishly, one that might transform both her and Nettle forever. If she can’t find a way to escape, Sybaline and the ones she loves could be trapped in the valley forever.

From the author of The Wolf of Cape Fen comes a beautiful and lyrical story about one family with magic in their bones, and what happens when we have to give up what we love most.


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THE WOLF OF CAPE FEN published April 7, 2020

First Frost has touched Cape Fen, and that means Baron Dire has returned. For as long as anyone can remember, Baron Dire has haunted the town come winter, striking magical bargains and demanding unjust payment in return. The Serling sisters know better than to bargain, lest they find themselves hunted by the Baron’s companion, the Wolf.

Then the Wolf attacks Eliza’s sister Winnie. They manage to escape, but they know the Wolf will be back, because the Wolf only attacks those who owe the Baron Dire. Winnie would never bargain, so that must mean that someone has struck a deal with Winnie as the price.

Eliza embarks on a journey to save her sister, but as she untangles the links between Baron Dire, the Wolf, and her family, she discovers a complicated web of bargains that cross all of Cape Fen. If Eliza can learn the truth, she might be able to protect her sister, but the truth behind the bargain could put her own life in danger.

A beautiful and magical middle-grade debut about sisterhood, sacrifice, and what happens when the dreams we hide within ourselves come to light.



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“A stunning seaside fairy tale that will absorb readers until the very end.” – Booklist  

“Intriguing mystery… Laced with dreams, this perplexing fantasy rewards persistent readers.” – Kirkus Reviews

A mesmerizing piece…packed with mystery, suspense, and most important, love.” – School Library Journal

“Eliza’s story weaves its magic around you, as wild and wondrous as the dreams at the book’s heart. Cape Fen and its inhabitants will haunt you long after the book is closed!” – Cindy Baldwin, author of Where the Watermelon Grow and Beginner’s Welcome

“An atmospheric, mysterious tale of magic, community, and the true meaning of family, The Wolf of Cape Fen is a gorgeous debut that will hook its readers from the first page.” – Diane Magras, author of The Mad Wolf’s Daughter

“Juliana Brandt’s The Wolf Of Cape Fen is an enthralling, atmospheric tale of two sisters, their hopes and dreams, and their unwavering love amid threats of mysterious bargains and treacherous magic. It is a remarkable debut filled with haunting details and unravelling secrets that are sure to captivate readers till the very end.” — Gail D. Villanueva, author of My Fate According to the Butterfly

“A hauntingly gorgeous fable full of lofty dreams, terrible bargains, and accepting who you are. Cape Fen’s secrets and magic had me enthralled from the start, and the conclusion to this dark and wondrous tale will stick with me forever.”  – Sean Easley, author of The Hotel Between series

BOOK LAUNCH 4/4/2020


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