If you’re visiting this page looking for information on writing mentorship through PitchWars, welcome! I cannot say how valuable PitchWars has become for me (and I hope for you too!). In a business that can be lonely and difficult at times, PitchWars offers the opportunity for community and positivity.

If you’re interested in hearing what it’s like to work with me from one of my past mentees, feel free to read on here, here, and here. For some stats (ugh, stats, but hey, some people like the numbers!), here’s what I’ve worked with in recent years!

2014: mentee Stacy Hackney on a light science fiction titled THIRTEEN O’CLOCK. In the agent round, she had thirteen lovely requests. She’s now represented by Katie Grimm of Don Congdon Associates.
2015: mentee Julie Artz (who’s a PitchWars mentor now!!) on a fantasy titled QUEST FOR THE KALEVALA. In the agent round, she had 6 lovely requests. She’s now represented by Jennie Dunham of Dunham Literary.
2016: mentee Lacee Little (who will be co-mentoring with me in 2018!) on a historical fantasy titled AN IMPOSSIBLE MAGIC. In the agent round, she had 24 lovely requests and is now working on a fabulous Middle Grade fantasy.
2017: mentee Bronwyn Deaver on a contemporary with every-day-magic titled WHERE WILD MAGIC GROWS. In the agent round, she had 26 lovely requests.


If you’re here looking for help querying or on writing a query, check out this post. Do come say hello over on twitter too. I often do query critique giveaways there!

If you’re here looking for writing craft help, I’ll sadly admit that I don’t have much posted on my website or blog regarding the writing process. But, I do have two downloadable items I hope might be helpful for you!

First, I use Jami Gold’s Story Engineering Beat Sheet with all of my books. I’m a massive fan of Larry Brooks’ book, Story Engineering. I’ve altered Jami’s beat sheet just the slightest, adding in a column for character arc and a row for theme, both of which I prefer to draft and discover first before figuring out plot points. You can find that sheet here.

Second, I have a Plotting Overview doc. It contains a quick run-down of several storytelling elements (theme, character arc, plotting, etc) with fill-in-the-blank sections. I have a blog post chatting about the doc, and linking to an example  of how you might choose to use it. (For my #PitchWars friends, this breakdown and clarification of plot is similar to what I’ll help you do during PW!)