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It is very bittersweet when my students pass the GED test.  Some students are ready after a month of class, but others are here for much longer.  There is no set schedule for how long a student must stay with us.  When they are ready, they are ready.  There aren’t semesters, trimesters, or vacations.  We work year round with all levels of students.

When my students walk out of my door for the last time, before taking the test, I think to myself, “I hope I don’t have to see you again!”  (And not because I’m a mean, horrible teacher).  If I don’t see them again, it means they’ve passed.  If they come back, it means we have more to work on.

Rometta just called to say thank you for my help (she passed the test a couple weeks ago).  I don’t often hear back from students, but when I do, it makes my heart glow 🙂