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Making Mail Happys

I officially have a new address, so I think it’s time to post my thoughts on the idea of snail mail happys. (If you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to add your thoughts in the comment section).

*I’m inclined toward an anonymous mailing. I want to be as confidential as possible with people’s addresses (I know I don’t want mine wandering around the internet going who-knows-where, doing who-knows-what with strangers 😉 My thought is to have everyone submit their addresses and I’ll compile them into a document, omitting individual’s names, which I’ll send out in an email.

*You are free to write and send postcards as you wish. Pick an address off the list and write away. Yes, you won’t know exactly who you’re sending to, but that shouldn’t stop you from writing something uplifting and…happy 🙂

*It will not be required to put a return address or name on the card.

*If you really connect with a certain postcard sender, feel free to make more of a connection with that person, but that will be entirely up to you. Any swapping of addresses, or identifying your name with an address, is up to you.

Thoughts? Questions? I’d love to hear what you all are thinking on this!

Snail Mail

Who doesn’t love snail mail? I know I do. The anticipation. The excitement. Knowing there could be an envelope with a surprise inside is enough to make me giddy, at least for a small moment during the day.

At our townhouse, our mailbox is a ways down the street, so after work, I hook the dogs up to their leashes and take them for a walk. Sure, the walk is lovely and I adore getting the dogs outside, but really, let’s be honest, it’s all an excuse to go check the mail.

At the conference I went to in February, Kirby Larson had the most wonderful, supportive idea: Mail Happys! She said that she would exchange addresses with fellow writers and they would randomly send postcards to one other as a way to support and lift each other up.

This idea has been following me for the past months and now I’m turning to you all: If I started a snail mail campaign with fun, sweet, supportive postcards, would you be interested in receiving one?


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