Books I’m Reading

Usually I stick to reading one book at a time, but currently I have five opened books by my bedside.

Putting Your Passion into Print by Eckstut and Sterry: This is one of the books Cale gave me for Christmas.  It’s a pretty thick book and has a lot of good info on the business of publishing.

The Elements of Style by Strunk/White/Kalman: Another of the books Cale gave me for Christmas.  I am finding this little book invaluable.  I’m not the best with the English language and this guide has already made a difference in my writing.  (I also really like that it’s illustrated!)

Just Beyond the Veil: Storieds of Death and Dying, Grief and Loss by Kate Anderson: This book was self published by a woman who works with my mother.  I have only  read the preface, but so far it seems like a wonderful guide for helping with grief.

The Wave by Susan Casey: Cale reads at least two books a week but I very rarely pay attention to his books because they usually aren’t my preferred genre.  I happened to read the introduction to this book and was immediately drawn in.  I guess this teaches me to step outside of my box of books to read.

The Long Run by Matt Long: I also got this one for Christmas, but from my sister’s boyfriend, Chris.  This is a very inspirational book about an endurance athlete/firefighters who was run over by a bus during a bike ride.  His eventual return to running and triathlons is detailed in this book.  I’ll keep this one on the top of my book shelf to look to when I’m having a hard time working out.

If anyone has any suggestions for other books I should read, send them my way!

As a note, Cale tends to read historical/factual books that are hundreds of pages long with very tiny print that I find very boring.  My comments above did not mean to imply that the books he reads are bad.

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