Writing Always Improves…Hopefully

I just pulled out my short story, The Suit and was interested at the quality of my writing from only three years ago.  I thought y’all might find it interesting to read the differences.

From 2007:

Samantha’s foot bones cracked on the hard wood floor, she absolutely hated that sound.  Very rarely could anyone ever find her with out a body suit on, but currently she couldn’t figure out which one to wear.  Pacing the floor in front of her closet she moaned slightly in agony.  Panic rose up in Samantha’s throat as she stilled and observed her most current dilemma.

From 2011:

Samantha grimaced as the bones in her foot cracked against the hard wood floor.  It was early morning, she stood naked, without a body suit on to cover her bleached bones.  The black voids that were her eyes stared into the depths of her closet attempting to peer through the mess. A quiet moan rose up in her throat, and she took a quick step forward to reach into the chaos.

I guess my point with this is, with time and commitment, writing does get better.  I am hoping that over this next year my writing will improve by leaps and bounds.  I absolutely would love any and all help from any of you have to offer.  I will keep working on this piece and will hopefully post the entire thing sometime soon.

I’m also going to post a piece soon on running, keep watch.

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