I Love To Read…

Cale reads.  He reads a lot.  He reads more books than I have ever known anyone to.  He pours through books like he’s drinking a glass of water in the desert.  And I don’t mean easy books.  I mean “The Secret History of MI6” that has 540 tiny words a page, for 752 pages (I counted).   And he is ridiculously excited to read “The Journal of Southern History” that’s published quarterly and is filled with scholarly journals.  He reads those like they’re candy and can’t get enough.  How on earth does he do it?

I love reading and I love stories, but I also love running, playing with my dogs, working, cleaning, etc. and it seems that a lot of the time I actually have to remind myself to finish books unless they’re powerfully captivating.  Is this a bad thing?  I sure hope not.

How do you guys make time to read all the books you want?

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One thought about "I Love To Read…"

  • Bernette says:

    Well, I don't, actually. BUT I am addicted to books on CD, which I play in my car whenever I drive somewhere…even if it's a few blocks. Currently listening to Sunday Philosophy Club series by Alexander McCall Smith. Lovely Scottish accents!

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