The Ultra Shuffle

There is a moment when the ultra marathon shuffle is appropriate.

The Badwater Ultramarathon is 135 miles long from Death Valley to Mount Whitney and it’s claimed to be one the hottest races with temperatures ranging to 120 degrees (Fahrenheit). Racers run on the white lines on the road because they’re shoes tend to melt when they run on the black. They also dress completely in white to try to reflect as much heat as possible.

Yes sir, if ever there’s a time when the ultra shuffle is appropriate it’s when you’re running Badwater.

What is the ultra shuffle? Basically, it’s when you’re so tired you can’t run. Your mind has shifted into neutral and your body goes on autopiolet. Instead of running, you shuffle, trying to run as best you can because you don’t want to walk.

Sad to say, I did the ultra shuffle in my marathon and that wasn’t even an ultra. *sigh* haha 🙂

But I have been doing the ultra shuffle for the past week in writerville, sloughing through my work. Trying to write and edit even though the motivation isn’t there.

Not until the past couple days have I felt the energy to write come back. I must give that credit to my critters. They’ve sent some amazing critiques my way that has motivated me to open the laptop, sit my butt in the chair and actually get work done.

I’m crossing my fingers I’ve moved past my ultra shuffle phase and have moved back into running. The only thing that’s making me pause now, and I can’t decide if this is good or bad, is that this isn’t a 135 mile run. The writing race is never going to end! Good thing? Probably. 🙂

Have you ever done the ultra shuffle, either in real life or in writerville?

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3 thoughts about "The Ultra Shuffle"

  • K.V. Briar says:

    The ultra shuffle? Catchy and so utterly appropriate! I think I live on the ultra shuffle . . . I spend so much time on auto pilot. I'm sleep deprived and cranky and everyday feels like its 80 hours long. Such is the life of a Mama of 2 with a writing ambition and a serious addiction to books! This week I feel better though 🙂

    I'm glad that you're getting your writer's mojo back! Aren't critter's the best?! Good luck with your WIPs 🙂

  • Alleged Author says:

    I'm glad your partners helped to motivate you. Good luck!

  • Kristi Bernard says:

    If you have a lack of motivation, walk away from it. Get out with family and friends and then come back with fresh eyes.

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