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Thanks everyone for the wonderful suggestions from my post last week! I’ll be sending to Jessica just as soon as I get through these second round edits =D

All year I had planned on doing NaNo. Back in January when I stumbled on a post about NaNo, I thought it was the coolest thing ever and couldn’t wait for November to roll around. But when November finally did roll around, I found myself with 20k left to write in my WIP and loads of editing to do.

I guess I’ll have to wait for next year to give a go at NaNo.

So, how did NaNo go for those of you who participated? Did you win?? I’m sure you’re all posting about it on your blogs this week- I’ll be sure to stop by to find out

Ine Mene Mine Mo…

How strange it is to write a post that doesn’t have to do with the blogfest. It literally took me all week for me to land on a topic, but I finally have *whew*

How do you guys choose who to read your first drafts?

Cadaver Dog is going through its first round of edits. I’ll start on the second in a week or so. After that, I’ll see if I can do another round on my own or if I need to ask for help from my lovely critters.

But I’ve had a tough time deciding who to send to. I have five lovely critters, all of whom are fabulous writers with a gift for critiquing.

Sophia– poor Sophia, I’ve asked her to read some pretty bad writing and bad first drafts in the past year. This is who I’ll probably go to for my first edits as she has yet to complain about my poor writing 😉 I always know that with Soph, I’ll get the big picture- the big things that are missing that I seem to graze right over. She often gives me the ‘Ohhh, duh! How did I miss that??’ moments from her critiques.

Misty just published her novel Cornerstone. It’s amazing. Go read it. Misty has a mind for storytelling. She thinks around stories in a way I don’t. She’s especially brilliant with character development.

Janice is a world builder. I always know that she’ll find any missing issues with my world building. This is one reason why I enjoy reading her writing so darn much.

JJ is extremely talented with line edits, catching punctuation and grammar errors that I pass right over. I’ll turn to him when I think I’ve caught the bigger edits and need to make the actual writing flawless.

Jessica reads WIPs like she’s actually reading a book. She finds flaws that are obvious and glaring, but as the writer, I completely miss them.

So, who should I send to?

Do you all send to just one person for the first read, or two? Do you only send the first chapters or the whole darn thing? Thankfully, I don’t have to make this decision quite yet, but seriously, I’m starting to get quite confused about it. Any advice, fellow writers?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone!!

Week Four Winners!

I really have had the most wonderful time hosting this blogfest. It’s been an absolute blast getting to know all of you, and your writing, better! I can’t thank each of you enough for participating.

I might just have to make this a yearly event 😉

The winner of the hat this week is the wonderfully supportive and eloquent poet, Catherine Johnson!

And the too lucky winner of the picture by Angie Miller is the lovely, oh-so-tallented writer, Deana Barnhart!

Thanks again, everyone! It’s going to be strange getting back into the normal swing of blogging, haha 😀

(Also, remember a couple weeks back when Janice gave away a blog makeover? She just finished Cortney’s blog and it looks ridiculously amazing. Go check it out!!)

Warm Fuzzies Blogfest, week 4

Sadly, it’s the last week of the Warm Fuzzies blogfest. To celebrate how wonderful the past three weeks have been, I have a pretty awesome prompt and prize for you.

The past weeks we have taken a look at the ways being a writer can be difficult, but this last week we’re going to talk about why it’s worth it.

I write because I love it. I feel it in my bones, gnawing away until I get the words out. That is the best way I can put it 🙂 All of the difficult moments are nothing compared to the feeling of when a piece of writing comes out exactly as I see it in my mind.

There are moments for each of us when we write something and go: YES! I’M THE BEST WRITER EVER! You can laugh and deny it, say ‘no-way, I’m not that conceited!’ but you can’t fool me, I know it’s true 😉 These are our Warm Fuzzy moments and I believe it’s completely perfect that we have them.

This week, post what makes writing worth it for you and most importantly, post one of your Warm Fuzzy moments. It can be a scene from a WIP, short story, poem, anything that strikes your fancy. Visit one another’s posts and enjoy the writing you find there.

Here is one of my Warm Fuzzy moments, taken from my current WIP, Cadaver Dog.

It is as if the people here disappeared from where they stood. A pile of woman’s clothing sits in the middle of the road. It appears as if she was sucked straight into the sky and left her dress behind.

Down the road, around a few corners, I find a door covered with the same markings I saw earlier. I trace them with my finger, spelling along seven letters.


I don’t know what it means but my finger likes the way the markings fee, so I push open the unlocked door. A small bell hung above the door chimes. Dust fills the room and I find myself amidst piles of bound, leafy paper.

I have seen these before.


Hundreds of them are stacked together. The light comes through the front windows in streaks and is so dim I struggle to find my way deeper into the room.

There is a smell here that comforts me. Maybe it is the earthy grime covering the books or maybe it is the way the paper crinkles, setting loose old drafts of air when I peel apart the pages.

I stop searching the room when I find the skeleton of a man. Ancient clothing hangs off his bones, leaving him gimmicky and strange. His arms are crossed over a thick book heaped onto his chest. The book has pushed against his torso for
so long it appears as if it has become a part of him; it winds tightly into his body, growing among his ribs.

The Forgotten Dead litter the desert and never cross my mind, but I can feel this man’s presence here among the books, along with those of the others long gone. This ghosts of this town linger. It is haunted here but I cannot figure out why.

How long has the Drought continued? At least before the time of my great-great-grand father. I remember stories of him, told to me by my father.

Is that one-hundred summers?

But how much longer before that did the Drought begin? And at what point did this man bind himself to his book and die, leaving his spirit twined into the letters I can’t read?

My head hurts from trying to think back so far. I give up the search for answers and leave the man’s spirit behind to endure among the remains of his books.

This week, Lauren is giving away another sweet hat, except this one will look like this:

I know, it’s pretty awesome!

The other super-duper prize I have is donated to us by Angie Miller. Angie is an incredible graphic artist who is donating a personalized piece of artwork for the winner this week. You can check out one of her pieces on my ‘Books’ page; she is in the process of creating a piece of art for my other books as well. Here are some other examples of her work!

You will have the option of Angie drawing for your Warm Fuzzy moment, or another of your choice.

Again, have all posts up by Friday 3pm CST and write your points at the end of your post (+5 for blog posts and +1 for fb/twitter/Google+)

Week 3 Winners!

I believe this week’s prompt has been my favorite, by far! You all made this week a blast, with your awesome title guesses and excerpts.

I was struggling yesterday to figure out who would win the hand-made journal from the Title contest when I went on Twitter and saw Rebecca Enzor’s Tweet: “I think a complete stranger in @julianalbrandt’s Warm Fuzzies Blogfest just came up with the new title for Fie Eoin! #itsperfect!”   Of course, I had to go check out the title and I agree, it is pretty perfect.

This means that Rachel Frost wins the hand-made journal for her title: The Nameless Warrior, for Rebecca’s WIP. Yay!

I have to let you all know, I had an incredibly difficult time deciding how to work the title contest, mostly because you all did such an amazing job. Seriously, I was cracking up all week from the hilarious guesses (I mean, did y’all catch Cassie Mae’s comments?) and by the fabulous serious ones. I definitely know where to go to if I get stuck on naming my WIP! chose the incredibly lucky winner of the 1/2 hour phone call with Misty. Congrats to Jessica! You guys are going to have an amazing time talking 🙂

Next week is the final week of the blogfest. Be sure to check back Monday for the prompt and prizes- I’ve been greatly anticipating this week since the start of the fest!

Keep track of your points still (+5 for blogging and +1 for fb/twitter/Google+) and yes, I’m fine with guestimating points 😉 I trust you all!