I Challenge You!

to think of something brilliant for me!

I sit all day at work and am not naturally a person who can do this. I like to walk and exercise and have the freedom to move when I want to. I LOVE my job, but unfortunately, in my position, I can’t do these things.

My fix for this is that I walk the back stairwell on my break and do little leg lifts under my desk. I’ve racked my brain and have come up with few other useful ideas.

My challenge to you is to think of useful workouts I can do at my desk, nothing noticeable, but something to keep me from going stir crazy. Extra points for thinking of something I can do for my core.

For incentive, I’ll send one of my cool hand-made journals to whoever comes up with the best/most helpful idea.

Fun challenge? Yes? Have at it! And good luck 😉

(Winnings is only for those in the U.S. Sorry 🙁  The Challenge ends Friday).

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13 thoughts about "I Challenge You!"

  • either tap dancing or irish dancing under your desk, while flexing your abdomen in and out. I hate sitting still myself and always have to be moving, so when I’ve had desk jobs, those kept me from going nuts!

  • Juliana says:

    @AmberJerome~Norrgard Ha! I totally thought you were joking at first 🙂 Great idea, I’m definitely going to give that a go, today.

  • Kelley Lynn says:

    Replace your chair with an exercise ball. The balance strengthens your back, core and legs.

    Plus it’s fun 🙂

  • Juliana says:

    @KelleyLynn Ahh, I totally would! But I can’t have anything visible like that 🙁

  • I was going to say exercise ball too 🙁 Maybe a stool, or take the back off your chair so you aren’t tempted to lean back on it? It would make you sit up straighter if nothing else.

  • Janet Jensen says:

    Sitting at your desk, Stretch legs outward repeatedly (good for calf muscles). Arms above head, move right and left. Push back from desk and bend forward, stretching your back. Find a thick telephone book or equivalent and put it under your feet as you normally sit at your desk. That creates a change in posture.

  • I was going to say the exercise ball but you could also swing your chair left and right keeping your feet still, great for your middle. Like I’m fit lol. Have fun!

  • TL Conway says:

    It’s not for your desk, but I try to do 20 wall pushups when I go to the bathroom. If you can, sneak into a larger/handicapped stall and put your feet far from the wall, resulting in a good incline. If you’re drinking tons of water during the day, you’ll be in there a lot!

  • Juliana says:

    @Rebecca- I definitely try to sit up straight! Certainly isn’t always easy though 🙁

    @Janet- awesome ideas. I hadn’t thought of stretching or changing the sitting position. Perfect.

    @Catherine- that totally works! Thank you 🙂

    @ TL- ohmygosh, I am so in love with this idea. Adding it to my repertoire now.

  • Susanna says:

    Butt clenches are always good too 🙂 But I like TL’s idea. Maybe you can power walk to and from the ladies’ too 🙂

  • I love my exercise ball chair. I pull it out of the base and do crunches and wall sits sometimes, plus it keeps me in good posture so I don’t feel so tired and lethargic at the end of the day.

  • Oooo. I love this. I love to exercise.

    Side Bends: Hold a water bottle (or something heavier) with both hands and stretch it up over the head, arms straight. Gently bend towards the left as far as you can, contracting the abs. Come back to center and repeat to the right. Complete 10 reps (bending to the right and left is one rep).
    Ab Twists: Hold the (whatever) at chest level and, keeping the knees and hips forward, gently twist to the left as far as you comfortably can, feeling the abs contract. Twist back to center and move to the left for a total of 10 reps. Don’t force it or you may end up with a back injury.

    How solid is your chair? Does it have arms? If it’s solid but doesn’t have strong arms, support your weight using your arms pressing down on the sides of your chair. If it’s got strong arms, use the arms. If it’s a strong chair, lift yourself so your butt’s a couple inches off the chair. Hold for three seconds. Do 10 reps. Good for arms and core. (Any balance exercise is good for your core.)

    Here’s my fave! Whenever you’re making copies, stand on one leg. You don’t have to make a spectacle of yourself. Just subtly life one leg an inch or so off the ground so you’re balancing on one. If no one’s around, use the non-supporting leg to do leg lifts. Make sure you give each leg equal time.(I do this one every morning when I brush and floss (brush on one leg, floss on the next.)

  • Alyssa says:

    hello! drink lots of water!! you seem crafty, here’s an idea. buy yourself a nice water bottle and put 8 different colored ponytails on it, after you drink one bottle, remove a ponytail. encourage yourself to drink 8 a day- it is SO IMPORTANT. Also, http://www.buy.com/pr/product.aspx?sku=216722878&sellerid=22902937 buy yourself one of these and lay on it if you have time @ home [put it on your chair at work]. ALSO, breathing is good for your core. work on your breathing everyday- 5 phase breath is good for core.

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