Friendly Reminders When Calling…

I am a secretary. I love my job, I really do, but here are a few things I encounter every day and a few friendly reminders when calling a business.


1. If you hear ringing in the background, we’re on a switchboard which means we need to take the next call and put you on hold. None of that jabbering- I won’t feel bad if I have to cut you off.

2. If I make the mistake of thinking you’re a junk call (telemarketers, recorded messages) I’ll probably hang up. Call back. I’ll be good and answer for real. I’ll feel bad about it…but probably not that bad.
(Giveaways for a telemarketer: long pause before speaking, lots of voices in the background, beep after answering before the person comes on). (To put things in perspective, I answer phones for about 70 businesses and get a couple hundred junk calls a day).

3. I am not apart of the business you’re calling for, please keep information to a minimum: Name or Company you need, and I’ll direct your call to the right place. As much as I wish I could, I will not be able to help you. I have no information on the standings of your legal businesses/ therapist issues/ meeting times, and the list goes on…

4. I will absolutely treat you to the best of my ability. Since I’m not apart of the business you’re calling for, I will be unbiased and as friendly and helpful as I possibly can be. I love this job for a reason- I’m good at customer service, thank you very much 😉

I know, there really isn’t a good way to know if the business you’re calling for is in a center or not, but feel free to assume they are.


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4 thoughts about "Friendly Reminders When Calling…"

  • Jack says:

    I found you! It’s been a long time! I kept going to the old blogspot site and I had convinced myself you had fallen off the face of the earth! Haha Truth is, I lived under a rock there for a while!

    Anyway, great post. I enjoyed reading about your job’s daily challenges. I tell you, the experience you’re getting right now, communicating with a variety of people in the way you’re doing, will serve you in other things, years to come.

    Now, I’m going back to my site and update my link to my blog to your site! LOL

  • Kelley Lynn says:

    I answered phones for a while too. Oh my the stories. It’s good you enjoy it though. That’s what counts 🙂

  • Emma Calin says:

    I was once a temp and they left me with an old switchboard where wires had to be reeled out plugged in to the correct extension. I had had about 10 minutes instruction. After about 20 minutes it was all such a tangle that I just put my arm round behind all the wires and pulled them all out. Apparently they never asked the agency for me again. Enjoyed your post.

  • Carrie-Anne says:

    I worked at a newspaper for almost five years, and had to do a lot of calling to get information on the local articles I was writing. During my first few months there, I was asked to call the offices of some of the potential candidates for the 2008 election, so we could be sent pictures and some information on their relationship with the Jewish community. I had the misfortunate of forgetting to dial 1 before making an out of area call, and the woman I reached was far from amused when I apologized and said I’d been trying to reach Senator McCain’s office. She didn’t even know who he was and used a lot of curse and insult words. It always pays to be nice when you’re at the receiving end of a wrong number, instead of assuming the person is a crank caller who did it just to annoy you. This nutjob actually thought I had the authority to tell this John McCain person to take her number off his website, when it was a wrong number all along!

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