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OPPRESSION Virtual Launch Party!!

I am suuuper excited to help launch Oppression by the incredibly sweet Jessica Therrien!

(Children of the Gods #1)
There are others like her. 
Many of them. 
And they have been waiting for her 
…for a long time.

Elyse knows what it means to keep a secret. She’s been keeping secrets her whole life. Two, actually. First, that she ages five times slower than the average person, so that while she looks eighteen years old, she’s closer to eighty. Second, that her blood has a mysterious power to heal. For Elyse, these things don’t make her special. They make life dangerous.

After the death of her parents, she’s been careful to keep her secret as closely guarded as possible. Now, only one other person in the world knows about her age and ability. Or so she thinks.

Elyse is not the only one keeping secrets. There are others like her all over the world, descendants of the very people the Greeks considered gods. She is one of them, and they have been waiting for her for a long time. Among so many of her kind, she should not be very remarkable–except for the prophecy. Some believe she will put an end to traditions, safeguarded by violence, which have oppressed her people for centuries. Others are determined to keep her from doing just that. But for Elyse, the game is just beginning–and she’s not entirely willing to play by their rules.

Isn’t that cover gorgeous?? I’m pretty much in love with it 😉 Oppression is available for only .99 for a short time, so hop on over to Amazon or Barnes & Noble to grab it up! In two weeks Jessica will stop by my blog for a fun interview. Can’t wait to have you, Jessica!

Thirteen Days to Midnight- Audiobook Review

I’m sorry guys, this was supposed to automatically post last Friday, but I guess it didn’t. Tomorrow I’ll have a post up for the launch party for Jessica Therrien’s Oppression!! And then once I sort through all the info that was squeezed into my brain, I’ll have a couple posts up about the conference 🙂

By Patrick Carman
Narrated by: Steven Boyer
Release Date: Apr 12, 2010
Length: 07 hour(s) 20 minutes
Publisher: Recorded Books

In this nail-biting tale of dark intrigue, powerful romance, friendship, and adventure, reluctant superhero Jacob Fielding learns that the Grim Reaper doesn’t disappear . . . he catches up. Goodreads.



This was a fun change of pace from the other books I have been listening to. It was short- only six CDs long and easy to listen to. I was drawn through the book quickly and never felt as if the pace slowed. I will admit, about halfway through, I became extremely fed up with the main character, though he had good reasons to act as he did (boy + girl = boy doing anything for girl). If I had been reading, I probably would have read only dialogue to skip through those parts, but as it was, I listened away. I especially loved this was written from a male perspective, which was done extremely well (the author is male so I suppose that’s to be expected).

Steven Boyer’s reading actually reminded me of Jesse Eisenberg, who I absolutely love. My only qualm with Boyer’s reading is that he took awkwardly long pauses between sentences, but once I got used to the pauses, they didn’t bother me. There’s a good chance I’ll search out other books he’s read.

All in all, I recommend this if you’re looking for a fun, quick ride through story-land.

Ladies and Gentleman

I hate to admit it, but this post is all about housekeeping. Well, not housekeeping or cleaning and such, but it’s a post with random tidbits in it that I’ll do my best to keep interesting.

-I’m beyond happy that my excel spreadsheet for querying agents looks so great. I got some great ideas from you all for things to add/ things I might not need. Because you all are so fabulous and because I like sharing…if you need a way to organize yourselves, I am more than happy to send it to you! Shoot me an email if you’re interested.

-The conference is in FOUR DAYS!! YAY! I’m all sorts of nervous and all sorts of excited. It’s a great combination. I’ll be packing this week and trying to mentally prepare myself. If you have any suggestions for my preparations, I would very much appreciate hearing them.

-I’ll have an audiobook review up Thursday or Friday reviewing Thirteen Days to Midnight by Patrick Carman and am currently listening to The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien and The Good, The Bad, and the Undead by Kim Harrison. My drive to and from Atlanta for the conference should get me to the end of one or the other of these books (or both) and I’ll have that review up next week.

Agents to Query- an Organization

I haven’t popped my querying cherry quite yet. I’m a newby, still working through my edits, getting ready to jump into the shark tank. Am I ready? Sort of. I’m excited, a bit nervous and more than interested to hear back from agents. But before I can even begin to query, I have to first figure out who to query. How have you guys organized yourselves?

Right now, I have this nifty little Excel spreadsheet made up (of course, my version is filled out 😉

What do you guys think? I have a few agencies listed in there just so you can see how I’m filling it out, but what other information should I have in there? What am I missing? If you can’t see the pic clearly, here is the info I have listed, now:

-Who the Agent Reps
-Why I’m Querying this Agent
-Agency’s Response Time
-Contact if I haven’t heard back?
-Submission Requirements
-Send to how many agents at agency
-Date Queried
-When I heard back and response

I’d love to hear from you query veterans and even from those of you who are in the same boat as I am. How did you prepare yourself and organize your research before you queried?





How to Make a Handmade Journal


I’ve inserted a gallery of pictures to take you through how I make my hand-made journals. I know I promised this a few months back, but I’m finally getting around to it, now. I do apologize, the gallery keeps posting the pictures backwards, so start at the bottom 😉

1. 20 pages seems to be the right amount of thickness. I start by folding the pieces in half, cutting them and then folding them in half again.

2. Put holes in the crease of each paper 1/2 on the top and bottom  1 1/2 inches apart in the center. I simply sit on the carpet and push a nail through each mark.

3. For binding, see this lovely site  Follow her directions on binding exactly. The first time, I decided I’d make it up as I went- it didn’t work. When the binding is finished, glue together the edges (Elmers works fine).

4. Cut your cardboard cover to the size of the book. The site I linked to in #3 gives you exact dimensions, but if you aren’t a perfectionist (like me 😉 I found it’s more than fine to outline the book and cut that out. I also guestimate for the edge, but if you would like precise measurements, again, check out the above website.

5. Clue your cardboard to a piece of paper with about 1/8 inch between the pieces, and cut the edges of the paper once it has dried.

6. Cut your fabric cover so it has about an inch extra at the edges. Glue down. Fold the edges of the fabric over and glue. Place a book over the cover while it dries.

7. Once the cover has dried, place the bound pages inside cover and glue together. Only glue the inside pages, not the binding. Place a wax sheet of paper between the pages while the book dries.

8. After everything has dried, take a fun piece of paper (I use scrapbooking sheets- a big sheet will cover both inside pages of the book) and cut it down so it fits on the inside of the book. I glue it down and then trim the edges once it has dried.

Tada! And there’s your book! It’s a pretty easy process once you get the hang of it. Hopefully those directions aren’t too confusing. If you need any clarification, again, check out the website I listed in #3. Have fun 🙂