D is for Delicious

It isn’t easy to live with someone. I like the house at 70, Cale likes it at 65. I want to sleep with a dozen blankets, Cale doesn’t. I like to read YA fiction, Cale likes to read non-fiction books about baseball or the ’60s. But worse of all, for us, is the question of delicious.

Cale’s from Mississippi and I’m from Minnesota, which explains the difference in our food tastes, but knowing that sure doesn’t make it any easier to decide what’s for dinner.

How on earth do you guys plan out dinners for the week with your husbands/wifes??

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7 thoughts about "D is for Delicious"

  • My husband is from Mississippi too! Planning dinner is easy since we like a lot of the same foods. There are a few things he likes that I can’t stand and since I’m in charge of dinner, he doesn’t usually get those things. Maybe one day I’ll feel nice and make him something he likes that I don’t… one day. 😉

  • My delish are salads. The family are meat eaters. I’m not. So, dinners are usually cooked for them. It’s a salad for me or just the veggies, sometimes, I just sit there and talk while they eat!! I make sure to eat a healthy well-balance lunch though.

  • Sophia Chang says:

    hahahaha I think it’s less geography and more that Cale (and my guy) are on the MAN food plan and you and I are on the gal/healthy diet.

    I kind of force him to eat better (and more expensively to his chagrin), but sometimes he gets a fried chicken or burger outta me.

  • Carrie-Anne says:

    My so-called fiancé’s family doesn’t really eat entrées, which I’ve never understood. They eat a couple of appetizers and call it dinner. If I go through with it and marry this walking DSM, he’s got another think coming if I’m going to make our meals in the style of his enabling Harpy of a mother. I’m going to cook when I’m used to, like lasagna, mashed potatoes, salmon farfalle, ziti, manicotti, stuffed shells, cholent, all sorts of good, hearty, actual meal-sized stuff. For the sake of shalom bayit (peace in the house), I’d cook him meat (I vaguely remember how to cook poultry), but I’d never throw together a bunch of side dishes and pass them off as a real dinner, nor would I serve them one by one instead of having all the food on the table at the same time. I’m not going to enable him like his mommy has done for 35 years now.

  • Oh, this is great! But wait, I’m trying to figure out what the meals are. Cale likes…pulled pork sandwiches with grits and beans? And cake? And you’re enjoying…..I don’t know, was tempted to guess corn chowder, but you’re from Minnesota. Either way, a wonderful post!

  • Jack says:

    I’m usually the guy turning up the heat in the house and laying under 17 different blankets in the wintertime! And my fav dish is sushi, but a close second is a big salad. What can I say, I like rabbit food 🙂

  • Cara says:

    The life of a married couple is a juggling act of basically “who gets their way”. I find it fun.

    My husband and I luckily like a lot of the same foods, so that’s not terrible, and there are times that he is late and eats at work so I do get soome of my own favorites when that happens.

    There are a lot of things that we juggle as we still are growing together, but we are learning that wonderful thing called compromise 😉


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