S is for Snodgrass

Jack Snodgrass, that is.

Have you ever heard a name that, when you heard it, felt like you’d been hit over the head by its awesomeness? Jack Snodgrass did that to me. It still does even after knowing his name for a year. There’s something about the normalcy of the first name, Jack, combined with the¬†peculiarity¬†of Snodgrass that gets my imagination all sorts of inspired. I dearly wish I could use his name for a character in a book.

What real world names have left you inspired?

(Jack Snodgrass is a former pitcher for Austin Peay who is in the Minors now. I first watched him pitch during the Atlanta regional, last year).

((I do apologize for my absence from the internet-waves. I will be home on vacation for my sister’s wedding until Tuesday.))

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