V is for Vuvuzela

This was meant to be a post about Vuvuzela’s, you know, the horns that got uber popular during the last World Cup. I was going to find a nice video and tag it with, “Something to cheer you on for the morning!” But now that I’m at work (and can’t listen to sound on my work computer) I can’t find a video or tag it with that nice sentiment above.

So, if you’d like, you can imagine it 🙂


((As a note, I am this close to quitting this A to Z Challenge. I had no idea how exhausting it would be, but as I’m ridiculously close to the end, I figure I can trudge my way through this last week. Huzzah!))

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4 thoughts about "V is for Vuvuzela"

  • Elizabeth says:

    You’re right, you can’t quit now! It has been tough hasn’t it? I didn’t sign up until the end of March so I didn’t even have time to write ahead.

  • Jack says:

    Vuvuzela’s, ugh, ‘nough said. I would have preferred if security would have disallowed their use during the last World Cup. All I could hear was their drone, like bees in a hive. I missed many commentaries cuz of their use drowning out the commentators voices. Ugh, did I say ‘nough said? 🙂

    Oh, and hang in there, Juliana. You only have a few more letters to go and then it’s over. You can do it!

  • Deji says:


    We have some Vuvuzela stuff at Vuvuzealots.com. If you go to “Listen” you can hear a live recording from World Cup 2010.

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