Snail Mail

Who doesn’t love snail mail? I know I do. The anticipation. The excitement. Knowing there could be an envelope with a surprise inside is enough to make me giddy, at least for a small moment during the day.

At our townhouse, our mailbox is a ways down the street, so after work, I hook the dogs up to their leashes and take them for a walk. Sure, the walk is lovely and I adore getting the dogs outside, but really, let’s be honest, it’s all an excuse to go check the mail.

At the conference I went to in February, Kirby Larson had the most wonderful, supportive idea: Mail Happys! She said that she would exchange addresses with fellow writers and they would randomly send postcards to one other as a way to support and lift each other up.

This idea has been following me for the past months and now I’m turning to you all: If I started a snail mail campaign with fun, sweet, supportive postcards, would you be interested in receiving one?


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