Happy Mail Sign-Up!

Hey guys, this will be a rolling sign-up, so if you’re in the midst of getting a new address, feel free to fill this out whenever you can. Depending on how this goes and how many people are interested, I will re-do the list every month or so to keep it relevant.

As a refresher, or if you’re new to the Happy Mail idea:
-The idea for a snail mail campaign started months ago at a writing conference. The thought is to send postcards to one another with happy, uplifting and supportive messages.
-This will be an anonymous mailing. Addresses will be complied into one document, omitting individual’s names.
-You may not know who you’re sending a postcard to, but that shouldn’t stop you from writing something uplifting and…happy 🙂
-You are not required to put a return address or name on postcards you send.
-If you connect with a certain postcard sender, feel free to make more of a connection with that person, but that will be entirely up to you.

I hope you’re all as excited as I am!

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