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What you Don’t Know about Changing a Tire

On one of the first days after moving, I got a flat. Now, the flat wasn’t a big deal- as soon as I had my driver’s license, Dad made sure I knew how to change a tire. And Cale was also with me (yay!).

The problem came when this little guy showed up:

That 5th nut is pretty, it looks like a flower, but the outside is slick and the wrench just didn’t hold onto it. So, we made a few calls, asked some friends and family, and finally someone knew what the flower nut was: a safety mechanism, called a tire key. They said that somewhere in my car there would be another nut that would fit into the flower and we’d be able to use the wrench to get it off. After much searching, it was found buried in my center console.

The whole tire-changing process took much longer than necessary and in 100 degree heat, we were sweating buckets, but at least now we know what the tire key is.

So, do you have a tire key? When was the last time you had to change a tire?

Two Very Important Things

 Deana Barnhart

GUTGAA is almost here! I couldn’t be more excited.  For those of you who don’t know, Deana Barnhart is putting on her second, Gearing Up To Get An Agent Blogfest. She has nine agents involved and several small publishers. If you haven’t signed up, head on over HERE.

And secondly, I KNOW there are some of you who haven’t signed up yet for Happy Snail Mail. I’m going to be getting my act together and will send out emails with addresses and details in the coming week. If you like getting fun things in the mail and haven’t signed up, get your butt on over HERE to sign up.


Thanks everyone for the positive thoughts and support while I’ve been adjusting to my move. It’s been tough but our new location is perfect!

What’s a Girl do without Internet?

We are finally settled into our new home. Even better, we finally have internet! After a week and a half of using my phone for all emailing/interneting needs, it feels amazing to be able to jump onto my computer.

So, what exactly does a girl do when she doesn’t have internet? I’m glad you asked! Here’s what I filled my last week and a half with–


Lots of this. Fortunately, this is the extra bedroom and pretty much all other spaces in the house are box free.

A pretty decent amount of this, too. Trails. Hiking. Mountains! It’s the best part of the area we live in now.

I’ve hung out with these guys a whole bunch. In my books, that’s an excellent use of time.

Oh, and…I’ve also done a heck of a lot of this–


What do you do when you don’t have internet?


If you haven’t signed up for the Happy Snail Mail campaign, head on over here to do so 🙂