Funny How Things Work (Illustrated with Dog Pictures)

Today was a roller coaster day. It’s funny how things work out sometimes, unexpectedly. Here’s my roller coaster, illustrated by Pig and Pre.

This was me this morning. Ready to go to work!

But only a couple of hours into work and my stomach started cramping up. Apparently, my grocery store splurge on breakfast pastries was not a good idea. This is what I felt like doing- laying down and definitely not getting back up for at least three hours.

And then I found out I didn’t make it into the second round of #pitchmadness. To say I was sad is an understatement (but I am SO happy for those of you who are in :)). Usually I can pick myself up after a few minutes of being bummed, but today wasn’t one of those days. I’m blaming it on the stomach cramps.


But wait!

That isn’t the end to my day. The stomach cramps settled down after a while. I headed home from work (I mean, it’s Friday so it can’t be all bad, right?) and waiting for me in my mailbox was not one, or even two exciting things but THREE exciting things!

1. My amazing aunt sent me a cute sweatshirt in the mail along with a card that about made my heart swell up.

2. I ordered some vintage postcards off ebay last week and they came in the mail. I’m all set to send out my Happy Snail Mail now!

3. I had a card from the Happy Snail Mail campaign! AND it basically said, sit your butt in the chair and just write, don’t worry about the rest of it. Exactly what I needed. I came quite close to crying from happiness and relief as I walked inside my house.

So, at the end of the day I felt like this. Like playing. Happy. And so very grateful.

(Pig and Pre say, “We’re happy! And so darn cute!”)

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