Sometimes You Forget Your Laundry At The Laundromat

Yesterday, I forgot all of my towels at the laundromat. No lies. At 10 when I was getting ready for bed, I walked out of the bathroom and said, “Uhh, Cale…?”

But guess what? Five hours later, all of my towels were still there. Horray!

True story: Sometimes you forget your laundry at the laundromat.

This weekend, I learned something important about myself. I tweeted this out after getting no where in the #PitMad contest: “You know, I’ve realized nothing may ever come of #querying BUT I am hella proud of myself for working my ass off for the dream.”

It isn’t easy putting yourself out there, entering contests, working working working with not much to show for it, but dammit, I’m proud of myself, and you should be too.

No seriously. Be proud of yourself. Celebrate making new writer friends through contests. Celebrate learning how to get your pitch down to 140 characters or writing a killer query. Celebrate taking the leap into query-land, agent-land, working-your-ass-off-land. Take yourself out to dinner. Take yourself out for ice cream, or bowling. I’m 100% serious. Celebrate it all because you absolutely deserve to be proud of how hard you work. That’s what being a Dirty Writer is all about.

I’m not saying you aren’t allowed to get down. Heck, I cried in the shower two days ago because I was so bummed. But it’s true, sometimes you forget your laundry at the laundromat. Sometimes you have to cry because you feel like crap. Sometimes your dreams crash around your feet.

But always, always! climb back to your feet, go get your laundry, cry and then keep working, and build your dreams back up to the sky.

Be unapologetic in your dreams. They deserve that.

Plus, the really awesome thing is, we’re all here for you, and as this past week has proven, you all are here for me, too. I love it and simply couldn’t do this with out your support. Support is exactly why Happy Snail Mail was created, (speaking of, I have got to get to the post office this week!)

Don’t hesitate looking around you for a pick me up, but in the end, it’s up to you to go back and get your laundry- I promise, it will still be there waiting for you 🙂

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15 thoughts about "Sometimes You Forget Your Laundry At The Laundromat"

  • I so get this. The GUTGAA thing had me all over the map with excitement and despair Friday. But quitting isn’t an option, not now, not never.

    GREAT post.

  • <3 The craziness of last week had us all in an emotional roller coaster I think. I ended up crying too, both from disappointment and exhilaration! I'd like to hope this week will be better, but I think emotions are going to be running high again on Friday as the judging comes to an end for the first round of GUTGAA.

  • Sarah says:

    So true! I don’t know how many times I’ve cried in the shower over this journey. It’s very up and down and persistence and blind optimism no matter the outcome are the only ways through. Thanks for putting this into words.

  • Cale says:

    Do you know why else you need to get to the post office? We have to send that book back to ‘Boro.

  • Juliana, you amaze me. I got my butt kicked at one online contest and that was the end of that. I prefer my spankings done in private, ya know? But that’s only because I don’t have the courage to put myself out there like you do. Good for you for knowing you’re great. You are. Keep it up!

  • You are so right, Juliana! and I totally need this pep talk right now! 🙂 Thank you 🙂

  • Yay! I love this post. So, so true.

  • The words of experience talking. It’ll be worth it in the long run.

  • Krispy says:

    Not sure how you tied that laundry thing back to writing, but it totally worked! Thanks for the pep talk, and like you said, even if you forget your laundry at the laundromat, it’s an awesome feeling to find that it’s still there when you get back! (Seriously, I’m glad no one took your laundry!)

  • Sophia Chang says:

    Awww – I totally have been crying this summer too! I just want this dream so bad it physically hurts.

    And that’s hilarious about the towels.

    When I’m not in my work crunch time, I’d love to join the Snail Mail Happy gang.

  • Great post, Juliana! Keep plugging away, because I have no doubt you are destined for publication one of these days. All of these little bumps in the road are what’s molding you for success. Hey, I got my first snail mail card yesterday from Canada! I thought everyone had forgotten about me.

  • “You know, I’ve realized nothing may ever come of #querying BUT I am hella proud of myself for working my ass off for the dream.”


    I have those moments where I think the climb is getting steep and the door to the publishing world is shrinking, but never give up. We’ll get those dreams! That’s what America is all about, right? 😉

  • tanya reimer says:

    Great post. Really it’s how we all feel sometimes. And how wonderful is that that your laundry was still there! Just goes to show.

  • Stacey Nash says:

    Great motivational post Juliana. So true as well. Deciding to put your work out there is a big and scary step. I’ve no doubt an agent will fall in love with Cadaver Dog though. As Dory says, “Just keep swimming.”

    Glad your towels were still waiting for you 🙂

  • Katie says:

    So proud of you 🙂

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