I’m Back…But Not Really (Plus a Dragon)

I’m not really back from my blogging break, I still have about 9k to write in my WIP and I’m hoping to do it before NaNo starts. I’d love to have my editing shoes on during NaNo so I can edit while you all write!

I’m popping in for two reasons, the first is that the lovely Cat Scully will be guest-posting in the coming week and it’s going to be a recipe post! (Yum!) I’m so excited. The girl is a cooking genius. Be sure you stop by.

Second, is to say I’m sorry for not posting the winner from the birthday giveaway! Random.org chose Talynn Lynn! (Your birthday memory was also pretty hilarious 🙂 Shoot me an email to get your copy of The Night Circus!

And third, is to pass along this month’s theme (and next months for you NaNo-ers): Killing the Doubt-Monster

(Yes those are laser guns. Us writers are fierce.)

If you’re about to start NaNo, keep in mind that yes, it may be hard, but also yes, you can do it!! This past month has been full of writers-block for me, but I keep remembering that yes, I can finish this WIP in a month! (Umm…only 3 days left before my month ends, haha!)

I’m still over on Twitter, checking out people’s blogs through links you shoot my way.


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