Pre’s Adventure in Asheville

Hello everyone! I have a special treat for you today, a post written by our Boston Terrier mix, Pre (aptly named after the runner Prefontaine).


Hi guys! I’m excited to be on Mom’s blog today and find out why she spends so much time hanging out online with you guys…sheesh.

We all went on vacation last weekend to Asheville, NC and they took lots of picture. First, we went hiking because Asheville has lots of beautiful mountains, but unfortunately Mom forgot to take pictures.

Next, we stopped at a brewery! But I only drank water.

After the brewery, we went in search of a restaurant that I could eat at too. Mom had french toast…

Dad had a pork sandwich…

And I got some french fries because I’m such a good girl (and am especially good at begging).

Mom also had to take a picture of me sitting at the table with her, though I don’t know why- she’s so embarrassing.

Next, we went to the Battery Park Book Exchange where I got to look at books and have coffee (well, I didn’t have any, but Dad did!)

And then Mom made me sit still while she took another picture of me being cute.

There were so many other dogs at the book store, too! I had such a great time.

Then we went across the street to another book store where the owner gave me a treat! Boy do I love books.

After visiting the bookstores, we drove around town a bit more, then we went back to the hotel to relax for the night. Asheville’s such a cool place- I hope they take me back again!

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