What Are You Looking Forward To In 2013?

I know we’re a week past the New Year, but there are so many exciting things coming up this year that I want to post

1. I’m looking forward to writing and learning more about my craft. My goal this year is to write 2 new books.

2. It’s time to get back in shape! I’ve signed up for a half marathon in April that I’m looking forward to. I always feel better when I’m moving and exercising. Also, the bf and I received rock climbing shoes for Christmas and I’m excited to learn something new!

3. Books! I wouldn’t be a writer if I didn’t have a TBR list a mile long. My goal is to read another 50 books this year, including more out of my genre (YA contemporary/fantasy).

4. I have a fall writing retreat that I wish would hurry up and get here sooner, and I’m still considering going to the SCBWI Atlanta conference again.

5. I started grad school this week! I’m nervous and excited and have butterflies swirling around in my stomach just thinking about it. I’m thinking I won’t be too busy with the full-time job and part-time school that I’ll still have plenty of time for writing/reading/exercising/making-new-friends.

6. And last but definitely not least, I’m excited to see where the next year of writing takes us all. We’re all on a journey and I think 2013 has some fun things in store for us 🙂

What are you looking forward to this year? Do you have any goals you’ve made for yourself?

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