JO-Cover Reveal

I’m excited to share with you guys the cover to Leah Rhyne’s upcoming horror/sci-fi novel, JO! It’s zombie, with an interesting twist

Jo Leah Rhyne

[Isn’t she a beauty??]

Jolene Hall is dead – sort of. She can walk, think and talk, but her heart doesn’t beat and her lungs stopped breathing ages ago. Her body’s a mosaic of jagged wounds and stapled flesh.

Jolene Hall has a choice: turn herself in to the authorities, led by a suspiciously handsome police officer, or team up with her roommate Lucy and her boyfriend Eli to find a way to save herself. To Jo, the choice is clear. She’d like to know who turned her into a monster, and she’d like to live to see another sunrise.

But that choice has drastic repercussions.

On a trip deep into the snowy White Mountains, to a hidden laboratory filled with danger and cadavers, Jo and Lucy find more reanimated girls. Part body, part machine, run by batteries and electricity, these girls are killers, created by a shadowy Order with a penchant for chaos…and murder.

To make matters worse, a photo on a wall of victims reveals Lucy is next in line to be “recruited” into this army of beautiful, walking corpses.

When Jo’s physical condition takes a turn for the irreparable, and the Order kidnaps those she loves most, she must sacrifice herself to save them all.


Be sure to check out Leah’s website for the chance to win a free copy of JO:

Also, it drops September 1st, so be sure to get your pre-orders in now!

Author Image Leah Rhyne

Leah Rhyne is a a full-time wife and mother, whose writing includes a bit of everything–a little horror, a little sci-fi, a lot of adventure. Herfirst novel, Undead America: Zombie Days, Campfire Nights released in October, 2012, by MuseItUp Publishing. It’s sequel: Undead America: No Angels, came out in October, 2013.

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