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#PonyFest15 is here and I’m just squeaking in my entry at the last minute. For those of you who don’t know, PonyFest is an awesome contest Rebecca Enzor runs each year, in which authors turn their characters into My Little Ponies and win fun prizes. It’s pretty fun and creative 😛 Of course, I’ve never been able to choose just one character to turn into a pony. The same goes for this year! Below, you’ll find the four main characters from the YA fantasy I’ve been working on for the past year. To give a hint about it, it includes a mapmaker who travels into uncharted territory in a world where the earth is sentient.




Kellin is a lanky boy who has trouble keeping his spirit in his body (it likes to slip free when he’s dreaming). His hair is constantly mussy and he’s a giant. Literally. Okay not literally, but he did recently have a growth-spurt that resulted in him now standing a few inches above the average man.













Narlena loves the sea, and for good reason. Her family line originated when a sea princess crawled from the ocean and adapted to the land. Narlena has some quirky traits (and an unhealthy obsession with water) because of this.











Torrin comes from a cursed line of men, all because a very long time ago, his great-great-great-(many greats)-grandpa wished for perfection. Tor gets swept up in Alia’s (who’s below) quest, but has a hidden agenda of his own.











Alia is the heroine of my MS. She’s a mapmaker and reluctantly travels into uncharted territory to go on an adventure with Tor (who’s above) to save her country. She’s quite single-minded, which is both good and bad when it comes to saving the world.

Interview with the Author of The Paper Magician

Good morning, lovely followers! Today, I have Charlie N. Holmberg popping in to give a quick interview for her busy bloghop! Her book, THE PAPER MAGICIAN, released at the beginning of this month and has been doing ridiculously well–for good reason! This book is amazing, and I highly suggest checking it out 🙂



Hello, Charlie! Welcome to the blog. First, could you tell us a bit about about THE PAPER MAGICIAN?

Let’s see . . . The Paper Magician takes place in an alternate 1902 London, England, where folks have learned how to cast spells through man-made materials, such as glass and paper. It follows Ceony Twill, a recent graduate from a rigorous magic prep school who, due to a shortage of paper magicians, is forced to study paper-based magic, despite her dreams of becoming a metals magician.

Then there’s lots of blood and magic doors and the end. 😀

The world THE PAPER MAGICIAN exists in is pretty unique. Do you see yourself writing more stories in that same world, or are you focusing on writing new material after this series?

I’m moving on after this series, though I have played with the idea of writing a novella/fourth book sometime down the line. I love this world, but there are so many others waiting to be explored! I’m almost done with a new standalone in a darker world. Like, literally darker. You can’t see the sun.

I love the idea of paper magic (animated origami? Yes please!). It’s not a magic I’ve seen in other fiction. Where do you find inspiration when building magic systems, especially when trying to keep it distinct?

Why, thank you! Though paper magic isn’t entirely original; I’ve heard of an anime called “Read or Die” that has something similar, but I’ve yet to watch it.

As to where I find inspiration . . . that’s a hard one. Kind of everywhere. I try to steer away from the done-and-done-again magic systems. Usually I get a spark of an idea (such as bringing a paper crane to life), and I build on it until I can fit it into a system (crane > paper > man-made materials).

How do you balance writing with life as a new mother? I know you’ve moved a couple times in the past year–how have you been able to focus on writing in the midst of that?

It’s definitely harder! It wasn’t too bad at first because Baby slept all day, but now she’s awake more and more, so I really have to utilize nap time. And this second move has really killed me! I have a lot of catching up to do. I definitely recommend keeping the apartment-switching down to once a year.

But, basically, it comes to priorities. My family will always come first, but I place writing higher than, oh, cleaning my house and exercising (not a good thing, maybe!). We always have time for what is most important to us.

What’s next for you? The sequel to The Paper Magician comes out on November 4th, but are there any other books in the works that we can look forward to reading?

Yep! I’m nearly finished with the first draft of the new tale I previously mentioned, and I have another book I have high hopes for going into the publishing battle soon. Plus there’s the third book in the series . . . we’ll see where that lands. 😉

Thanks for dropping by, Charlie!