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The lovely Rebecca Enzor is having her Pony Fest celebration again this year, so of course, I had to jump in!

The idea is to create a My Little Pony that represents your MS in some way, either using a character or going by theme. Last year, I made three pony’s based on the two books I was working on at the time (weird, but you actually have to visit my old blog to check them out 🙂 This year, since the MS I’m querying is Cadaver Dog, the same book I was working on last year, I was stumped on which character to make into a pony. Instead, I’m using the theme idea.

Here is my pony, Desert!

My MS takes place after a drought wipes out earth. It hasn’t truly rained in hundreds of years, so I think my desert pony is a wonderful portrayal of my MS 🙂 I mean, look at his flowing deserty hair and hooves the color of sunshine.

I can’t wait to check out everyone else’s ponies!

p.s. Desert wanted a cutie mark of desert dunes, but my technical computer skills are limited. Feel free to imagine one there yourselves 😉

How to Make a Handmade Journal


I’ve inserted a gallery of pictures to take you through how I make my hand-made journals. I know I promised this a few months back, but I’m finally getting around to it, now. I do apologize, the gallery keeps posting the pictures backwards, so start at the bottom 😉

1. 20 pages seems to be the right amount of thickness. I start by folding the pieces in half, cutting them and then folding them in half again.

2. Put holes in the crease of each paper 1/2 on the top and bottom  1 1/2 inches apart in the center. I simply sit on the carpet and push a nail through each mark.

3. For binding, see this lovely site  Follow her directions on binding exactly. The first time, I decided I’d make it up as I went- it didn’t work. When the binding is finished, glue together the edges (Elmers works fine).

4. Cut your cardboard cover to the size of the book. The site I linked to in #3 gives you exact dimensions, but if you aren’t a perfectionist (like me 😉 I found it’s more than fine to outline the book and cut that out. I also guestimate for the edge, but if you would like precise measurements, again, check out the above website.

5. Clue your cardboard to a piece of paper with about 1/8 inch between the pieces, and cut the edges of the paper once it has dried.

6. Cut your fabric cover so it has about an inch extra at the edges. Glue down. Fold the edges of the fabric over and glue. Place a book over the cover while it dries.

7. Once the cover has dried, place the bound pages inside cover and glue together. Only glue the inside pages, not the binding. Place a wax sheet of paper between the pages while the book dries.

8. After everything has dried, take a fun piece of paper (I use scrapbooking sheets- a big sheet will cover both inside pages of the book) and cut it down so it fits on the inside of the book. I glue it down and then trim the edges once it has dried.

Tada! And there’s your book! It’s a pretty easy process once you get the hang of it. Hopefully those directions aren’t too confusing. If you need any clarification, again, check out the website I listed in #3. Have fun 🙂

An Army of Santa’s

This is how Santa delivers all those toys in one night. Quite frankly, it doesn’t make sense; there just has to be more than one of him.

Santa Sleighs!

Don’t you wish you worked with me?? 😉 You’d get one of these if you did. I’ve been making candy cane santa sleighs since early highschool and they’re always a hit.

All you need is a glue gun, some candy canes, other random candy (I like to mix up the chocolate with something fruity, hence the Reese’s/Laffy Taffy/Hershey’s) and a santa shaped chocolate (I get mine from the dollar section at Target). Glue ’em together and Tada! You’ve got yourself a Santa Sleigh!

Merry Christmas!!