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Too Many Questions?

Cale said this to me earlier today: Sometimes, you remind me of a small child. You ask too many open ended questions.

To my credit, we were at the pier watching fisherman bring in their catch of the day and watching the seals swim through the water, waiting for fish to accidentally fall overboard. I mean, there are a lot of open-ended questions to ask when you’re watching that.

But don’t you all think that it’s a requirement of a writer to ask all those questions?

I took a nap today and before I fell asleep I thought, What would happen if everybody was connected to someone else and could only die once that other person died. If you got sick or were injured you could survive because you were spiritually attached to someone else? Overpopulation of the world, that’s what would happen. But that’s not the point. The point is that we ask ourselves these weird questions, file them away, and write books answering them later.

And it’s totally okay! No one can say our questions are annoying because frankly, it’s just a consequence of our job.

Job Hazard Zone: too many questions.

My teachers in middle school were right after all, there are no such things as stupid questions, and even if there are, those stupid questions lead to really interesting answers, which lead to even more really interesting questions.

Moral of this post, it’s not possible to ask too many questions. Our curiosity drives our imaginations and surely that’s a good thing.

Because seriously, have you ever wondered if seals accidentally breath in water like people sometimes do when they’re swimming? Or why a Dogfish is called a Dogfish? I know I have!

I am a Writer

I have thought many times to myself that I would like to be a writer someday.  How ridiculous is that?  I was just sitting on my porch eating dinner (scrambled eggs with cheese, and milk) when I thought, “you already are a writer!”  At least 65% of what I think about during the day has something to do with writing.  I could be putting words together, playing with plot, or pretending to actually be one of my characters and seeing where the story goes from there.  There are numerous aspects to writing that I think about.

What I probably should think to myself is not that I would like to be a writer someday, but mostly that I hope to be published and am able to share my work with all of you out there. 🙂

How awesome is it to know that I get to spend the rest of my life doing what I love the most?  Whether or not I am ever published or make any money from this, at least I know that I am a writer and that is what I love best.

Happiness Tip: eat dinner outside (unless you live up North, than eat dinner looking out the window, haha), and let yourself think clearly about the very thing you love doing the most.


I’m in need of some genuine advice.  What do you do when your library does not have a very good selection of books and you’re too poor to buy new ones?  I need something to read.

Maybe I just need to spend a day scouring the counties around mine for a better library.


Alright, I got some fabulous advice from my wonderful aunt and am feeling much better about the situation.  It’s time to go to the library again soon!  I will have to make a day of it.

As a GED instructor, it is frustrating to have students register for the class and then never come back.  It seems that once a person realizes how much work they have to put into getting their GED, it scares them away.  Cale and I talk around and around this problem at work and we never come up with any good solutions.  It is a discouraging issue to be confronted with.  So, while this problem is on my mind, here is my happiness tip.

Happiness Tip: learn something new.  Enjoy learning and relish the fact that your brain can soak up so many amazing things!  I don’t care what you learn or how you learn it, just learn something brand new that you never imagined knowing before.

Today, I learned…actually, I can’t think of anything I’ve learned today!  I guess my goal now for the evening is to learn something and get back to you all with what it is.

Happiness Tips

I have compiled a mental list of things that make me happy.  Some of the things are small, some big, and I’m always adding to it.  I keep this list around because I really hate being in a funk.  When I’m not in the best of moods, I’ll go down this list and find something on it that will help blow the dark clouds away.  I’ve decided to post a ‘Happiness Tip’ at the bottom of all my posts, just to make sure you all come back and visit me 🙂

Yes, some of these may not interest you what-so-ever and may not work for you, but then again, maybe there will be one posted that is exactly what you need at that exact moment.

Aaaand, here’s the first:

Happiness Tip – do something you’re not particularly good at.  The secret to the success of this is that you must already know you are not good at it.  Choose something you enjoy but don’t have to be perfect at.  My favorite thing to do, that I am not good at, is drawing.  I’m at terrible artist, but I still do it because it very rarely fails to put me into a good mood.  Often, I’ll attempt to illustrate scenes from the stories I write.  Most of the time when I do this people can’t tell what I’ve tried to draw, but it still allows me to see something on paper that I have in my mind.

Young Adult Dragon

My dragon

I drew this the other day.  It’s on the back of a pizza box.  As you can see, it’s not the best dragon you’ve ever seen, but it’s still one of my favorite things to draw.

So, go do something you’re not good at and have no expectations of yourself.  Just go out, do it, and have fun!