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Agents to Query- an Organization

I haven’t popped my querying cherry quite yet. I’m a newby, still working through my edits, getting ready to jump into the shark tank. Am I ready? Sort of. I’m excited, a bit nervous and more than interested to hear back from agents. But before I can even begin to query, I have to first figure out who¬†to query. How have you guys organized yourselves?

Right now, I have this nifty little Excel spreadsheet made up (of course, my version is filled out ūüėČ

What do you guys think? I have a few agencies listed in there just so you can see how I’m filling it out, but what other information should I have in there? What am I missing? If you can’t see the pic clearly, here is the info I have listed, now:

-Who the Agent Reps
-Why I’m Querying this Agent
-Agency’s Response Time
-Contact if I haven’t heard back?
-Submission Requirements
-Send to how many agents at agency
-Date Queried
-When I heard back and response

I’d love to hear from you query veterans and even from those of you who are in the same boat as I am. How did you prepare yourself and organize your research before you queried?





The In Between and Synopsis Writing

I am in the strange in between, when my WIP¬†is with critters and I’m not interested in starting a new project. Instead of sitting around, twiddling my thumbs, I’m working on the lovely synopsis. I’m all about using free time wisely.

Incase any of you are in the same spot, I highly suggest checking out Lora Rivera’s checklist. Feel free to catch me on Twitter or send me an e-mail if you need a synopsis writing buddy!

Friday, I’ll have another audiobook review up for you all. Sorry I missed last week, but I was back home for Christmas ūüôā

Dusting Off My Middle Grade Novel

Gabriela Lessa¬†has given me a great reason to dust off my only completed novel: a contest! Rupert is my middle grade novel. It holds a special place in my heart since it is the only novel I’ve managed to finish (although, when you think I’ve only been at this since the new year, it doesn’t sound that bad).

I’m supposed to write a one sentence pitch (which I would love some help with!) and post my first paragraph. Lots of you will have seen this before when I posted it a few months back, but for those of you it’s new to, feel free to share your thoughts!

Name: Juliana Brandt
Title: Rupert Reginald Robinson, XI & the Mysterious House Next Door
Genre: Middle Grade
Manuscript word count: 23,000
Judge: Aubrey Poole
One-Sentence Pitch:¬†Rupert must defeat a powerful pirate¬†when he¬†discovers imaginary creatures live in his next door neighbor’s house. (Ick, I know this is bad. Thoughts??)

First paragraph:

Rupert Reginald Robinson clutched a thick book to his chest; his forehead rested against the glass of the backseat car window.  The car bumped across the road.  His head slid to a new place and left a smudge of grease on the glass.

(I am guest posting over at¬†Jack Flacco’s¬†on being a critique partner. Go check it out!)


My thought on queries: yuck. They make me all sorts of unhappy. It’s a good thing this is part of Deana’s blogfest – I need all the help I can get on this, guys! So have at it, hack away, give me the best advice¬† you can. ūüôā

Dear So-and-So,

Twins, Farrah and Felix, are born into an existence of servitude.  They are Bonded with the king’s sons for the sole purpose of protecting the boys; if they fail, they will be put to a painful death.

Farrah protects Alec, but all she desires is to not be chained to a man she can’t stand.  But the only way to escape her imprisonment is to end her life.  What makes matters worse, is that Farrah begins to fall for Alec and realizes she must make the most difficult choice of all: freedom or love, for she cannot have both.

Felix can’t deny his intense curiosity.  He willingly protects his Charge, Gabe, because it means he has free access to the secret tunnels of the House they live in.  As he searches further into the history of his world, he uncovers secrets that will put both his and Farrah’s lives in danger.

After death threats against Alec puts Farrah life on the line, and the other slaves in the House rise up in rebellion against their captivity, Farrah and Felix escape with Alec and Gabe to try to find answers to three questions: Who wants Alec dead?  Would Farrah and Felix keep Alec and Gabe safe if they weren’t Bonded to them?  And, if they return to their House, will they all be killed?

GUARDIANS is a finished at 72k.  It is a stand-alone YA-fantasy but has strong series potential.

*personal stuff here??


Juliana Brandt

(I’m not a fan of the questions at the end but can’t figure out how else to end it.)


Alright, it’s time I stop procrastinating with posting my query.¬† Here it is, please feel free to critique in any way you would like.

Twelve year old Rupert lives with stern Aunt Miriam, while his parents sail around the world.¬†¬†At school, he is tortured by Bobby the Bully and his pet rat, Scamper.¬†¬†Rupert survives his aunt’s controlling ways and Bobby‚Äôs freaky gray rat by escaping into the imaginary worlds of books and his favorite sport, baseball.

A simple errand to his neighbor‚Äôs house reveals the very thing he hasn’t dreamed up is exactly what is true: make-believe creatures come to life in his next door neighbor’s house.¬†¬†With the help of a new friend, Petra, Rupert uncovers the secrets of Mr. Applebee‚Äôs mysterious house.¬†¬†The only problem is that Mr. Applebee refuses to let Rupert help, even when an evil pirate sneaks out of Imagination World with the goal of escaping the house.

Pi-Rat threatens to unleash all imaginary creatures into the real world.  Rupert knows if he can’t stop Pi-Rat the world will forever be changed.  In his quest, Rupert learns to trust friends, keep secrets, uncover the truth, and become the confident adventurer of which he had only previously dreamed.

RUPERT REGINALD ROBINSON THE NINTH & THE MYSTERIOUS HOUSE NEXT DOOR is complete at 23k words.  It is a short, middle-grade chapter book that could be expanded into a series, but does stand alone.

Thank you for your time and consideration.