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Monday Night RAW

There are several things I never thought I would enjoy, but since moving in with Cale, have been proven wrong and been sucked right into them.  I hate to admit it, but Monday night RAW is one of those things (I have yet to give into NASCAR).

Don’t worry, John Cena wins in the end.  I know you all were worried…

Anyway, this post is all about why WWE is just like writing!

  1. Wrestlers have to build a platform just like writers.  Wrestlers can switch from good guy to bad guy in an instant, but whatever side they’re on, they have to get the crowd to believe in them and cheer for them.  To be successful, they have to be known.
  2. Wrestlers spend an exorbitant amount of time practicing and perfecting their craft, just like writers!  Cale watches Tough Enough with Stone Cold, which is a reality show with a group of people competing to become professional wrestlers.  These guys are beaten up, they work out until they puke, they practice  charisma down and until they have perfected personalities into ones an audience will respond to, and they must expect to live a life that will challenge them and always be at risk of failure.  Cale just told me WWE does not provide insurance for wrestlers and that they are paid by appearance.  Who does that remind you of??  Writers!
  3. Wrestlers must make their audience experience the fight with them. Wrestlers make their audience feel and I mean FEEL.  Even though this stuff is obviously fake, it’s exciting and the drama is intense.  The people in the crowd is right there with them, in the ring.  Writers have to do this as well.  Our goal should be to suck readers into our written worlds.  If they aren’t, they simply won’t keep reading.
  4. Wrestlers must be creative.  There are only a certain amount of moves you can do in the ring and a certain amount of props.  But it’s not about the move, it’s about how you carry it out.  It’s the exact same thing with writing.  At the end of the day, all of the stories we write are about the same thing.  The questions we pose are not unique, but the way we tell them is.  There must be something exciting, original, intense that only we can bring to our stories.
  5. Wrestling is a partnership between both wrestlers in the ring.  Writing is not a sole endeavor.  While we may not have to choreograph our stories with another individual, like wrestlers have to, but we do need the help and support of family, friends, crit partners, editors, and agents.
  6. Lastly, writers are like wrestlers because they have to be absolutely, fanatically in love with the art.  Otherwise, why the hell else would you do it?  Seriously, it’s not like it’s easy.

All in all, be a showstopper, believe in yourself, let your personality jump off the page – do as the divas of RAW do.  Go watch Monday night RAW and be more like a wrestler!  Aspire to be John Cena (or Kelly Kelly if you’d rather be a girl, haha)!

Secrets We Tell

I’ve heard many times, that we need to write what we know, not what we think we should write about.  This usually means we end up writing about personal experiences, people in our lives, and our dreams.  And this means we constantly tell secrets about ourselves, even if we don’t know it or intend to.

Rupert and Petra are complete opposites just like Cale and me.  Ann’s anxiety was birthed after my car accident.  She also runs because of the joy I felt when I was finally able to run a mile again.  Farrah is confident and outspoken because I was very shy and introverted in middle school.  In ‘Taught by Sister’ the older sister pushes the younger sister up a hill, saves her from drowning and a tornado, because I wouldn’t have any clue what to do in life without my sister.  Samantha refuses to be called Sam because I hate it when people call me Julia instead of Juliana.

I often wonder how many secrets writers give away knowingly, and unknowingly, in their writing.

I am 20k into my new WIP while I work on the last edits for Rupert (I know, I know – there is no such thing as last edits).  I have the goal to write 2k words a day and am very excited to see what I discover about myself while I write.

The More You Write the Better

I know I have already posted this link.  It’s the first in a four part series by Ira Glass on storytelling.  If you haven’t watched it, you need to.  Now.

Part of what Ira says is that at the beginning of your career you will produce a lot of crap, but the more you write and the more you work, the better your material will become.

I am extremely excited by how Rupert is evolving and becoming an even better piece of work then I had thought it would be.  Cale has said that Rupert is much better than the first book I wrote.  With this in mind, I’m taking a note from Ira Glass and am looking forward even more to this third book I have begun plotting.

I had a free day today and filled it with listening to Harry Potter on CD and writing (interspersed with taking the dogs on a walk, swim suit shopping- which was a failure, and biking).  I decided to begin the first chapter of this third book.  Yay!  It was a great day of writing a few thousand words and feeling good about the direction my writing is taking.

I guess the moral of this post is to keep writing as much as you can! 🙂


I don’t often wonder where ideas come from. Creativity strikes, a world is born, and I do my best to keep up and write it down. I have been asked recently where my ideas come from and I have read some posts on creativity, so I’ve decided to write one of my own.

Where exactly though does creativity come from? Is it something inside us or is it motivated by outside forces?

When I was in middle school we had classes in separate parts of the building. I remember walking in between classes day dreaming to myself. I’d have to shake my head and remind myself of where I actually was. For me, I believe my writing and creativity is some sort of mutation of reality. There are bits of truth in everything I write, or at least things I hope to be true.

I’ve learned over the past couple years that creativity is not confined to one aspect of life, such as music, painting, or writing. It also resides in sports- someplace I never would have thought to find it. The greatest sports players are creative geniuses, able to think around a situation in an instant. Creativity comes in different forms and is used in many different ways. Perhaps all of us, even those of us who think we aren’t creative, actually are.

Over all, I believe creativity is something sparked by the outside world, a part of us grabs onto that spark and something great comes to life.