I will be closed for editing services through the months of September & October.


If you’re visiting my site looking for editing, writing coach, or teaching services, you’ve found the right place! I can’t tell you how much I love sharing with others the skills I’ve developed over the past decade of studying writing craft. I work hard to communicate clearly, kindly, and with candor, helping the writers I work with to improve and deepen their understanding of writing and novel construction. I’m open to working with you on your specific needs, but to start, I offer a few options:








Query, two passes (15)

Synopsis, one pass (15)

Query & Synopsis (25)

Writing Analysis (.013 per word). I’ll read 30 pages of your work and do close in line comments, pin-pointing writing tics or places your writing at the sentence level could be boosted. If you have specific questions or worries about your work (such as writing emotion), I’ll be happy to tailor my comments to your needs.

Plot Analysis (150). I’ll read any notes you have on your manuscript–synopsis, pitch, plot, character arc, etc. We’ll talk as a team and nail down what direction you feel confident in going to complete or revise your manuscript.

Manuscript Analysis / Developmental Edit (.009 per word). I’ll read your entire manuscript and will provide a reader report including feedback on overarching structure and craft elements such as theme, characters and arc, plot, pacing, and more. This does not include in-line notes.

Teaching Are you interested in having me teach a class for a group of writers? Please get in touch so we can discuss pricing! Here are some examples of classes I’ve taught in the past:

Character Based Plotting

Writing About Place

Enhancing Descriptions

The Importance of Theme



“Juliana Brandt is a brilliant writer and editor. I’m a literary agent, and she still teaches me things about craft every time we talk.” –Lauren Spieller, Author and Literary Agent

“Juliana Brandt’s teaching style is very engaging and warm. Her approach to writing boils down the process in a way that feels less intimidating and will inspire attendees to get to work on their own stories. Our library patrons enjoyed her classes, and I would highly recommend her for writing classes or presentations on the craft and business of writing.” -Kara Seal, Senior Events Specialist, Arapahoe Libraries

“Juliana’s thoughtful insights and feedback not only helped me make my manuscript stronger, but it made me a stronger writer overall. I’ve applied what I’ve learned from Juliana in all of my stories since. Her support in connecting my plot to my theme, and her friendly, approachable editorial style, have and continue to make a lasting impact on my work.” – Lorelei Savaryn, author of The Circus of Stolen Dreams

Juliana’s editorial insights are fantastic; she never fails to leave my manuscripts stronger than when I started.” – Jessica Vitalis, author of The Wolf’s Curse

“Juliana’s editing skills were exactly what my book needed to tie it all together. I easily saved hundreds of hours of stumbling about with her help. Critique partners and readers are great, but there’s nothing like the work of a true editor.” –Konstantinos Kalofonos

“I’ve just had a crash course MFA in creative writing… what a bargain!” -Anna McCallie


If you’re here looking for help querying or on writing a query, check out this post.

If you’re here looking for writing craft help, I’ll admit I don’t have much posted on my website or blog regarding the writing process. I do more of this over on Twitter. If you search the thread #WritingCraftThread you’ll find answers to specific questions people have sent in! I try my best to have those threads be short, easily digestible bits of advice. They tackle all sorts of writing craft questions–if you have one, please send it in! I’d love to do a thread addressing yours. Do keep in mind that my thoughts on the writing craft are just mine. They’re in no way “rules” that must be followed.

I also have a few downloadable items I hope might be helpful for you!

First, I use Jami Gold’s Story Engineering Beat Sheet with all of my books. I’m a massive fan of Larry Brooks’ book, Story Engineering. I’ve altered Jami’s beat sheet just the slightest, adding in a column for character arc and a row for theme, both of which I prefer to draft and discover first before figuring out plot points. You can find that sheet here.

Second, I have a Plotting Overview doc. It contains a quick run-down of several storytelling elements (theme, character arc, plotting, etc) with fill-in-the-blank sections. I have a blog post chatting about the doc, and linking to an example  of how you might choose to use it.

Third, I have writing exercises listed out here. All seven can be accessed on the same page. They’re designed to progress from one to the next and help give writers power and choice over the words they use when they write. I made these for my 2018 PitchWars mentee 🙂




If you’re visiting this page looking for information on writing mentorship through PitchWars (a wonderful writing mentorship program), welcome! I cannot say how valuable PitchWars has become for me (and I hope for you too!). In a business that can be lonely and difficult at times, PitchWars offers the opportunity for community and positivity. I mentored during the years of 2014-2019. While at this time I don’t have plans of mentoring again (my schedule is too busy between teaching and writing!), I very well might take it up again. In the meantime, if you’re interested in the program, there are other absolutely incredible mentors who would love to read your work.

If you’re interested in hearing what it’s like to work with me from one of my past mentees, please check out interviews with Stacy Hackney, Julie ArtzLacee Little, and Bronwyn Clark. For stats (ugh, stats, but hey, some people like the numbers!), here’s what I’ve worked with in recent years!
2014: mentee Stacy Hackney on a light science fiction titled THIRTEEN O’CLOCK. In the agent round, she had thirteen lovely requests. She’s now represented by Katie Grimm of Don Congdon Associates. Her book, THE MYSTERY OF GLIMMER CREEK, is forthcoming from Simon & Schuster!
2015: mentee Julie Artz (who’s a PitchWars mentor now!!) on a fantasy titled QUEST FOR THE KALEVALA. In the agent round, she had 6 lovely requests.
2016: mentee Lacee Little (who’s a PitchWars mentor & who mentored with me in 2018!!) on a historical fantasy titled AN IMPOSSIBLE MAGIC. In the agent round, she had 24 lovely requests and is now working on a fabulous Middle Grade fantasy.
2017: mentee Bronwyn Clark on a contemporary with every-day-magic titled WHERE WILD MAGIC GROWS. In the agent round, she had 26 lovely requests. She’s now represented by Lydia Silver of Darley Anderson Children’s Book Agency.
2018: mentee Lorelei Savaryn on a contemporary fantasy with dreamy and wild magic titled REVERIE. In the agent round, she had 24 lovely requests. She is now represented by Chloe Seager at Madeleine Milburn Literary, TV & Film Agency in London. Her debut, now titled THE CIRCUS OF STOLEN DREAMS, releases Fall 2020.


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