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Illustrations by Chris Van Allsburg

Rupert’s story began some six years ago when I was in high school.  A friend had to write a short story based on a picture.  They couldn’t think of one, so naturally, I helped.  I wrote half a page of ideas and tucked it away in my memory.  Tonight, I decided to find that picture.

I’m positive all of you have seen Chris Van Allsburg’s illustrations.  They’re incredibly…incredible.

Here is the initial inspiration for the plot of Rupert:

Chris Van Allsburg Illustration

"Two weeks passed and it happened again"

This picture isn’t quite as I remembered it, but it is so utterly exciting to have it in front of me again!

My tip for all writers out there: pick one of Chris’s illustrations and write a short story based off it.  Use your imagination!  No, it’s not a rat under the rug, or a mouse.  Instead it’s….well, you choose!