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Major Conflict

Today I am reworking the second chapter of Rupert.  Sophia, a wonderful woman who has read/critiqued my first chapter, commented that since Rupert is a middle grade book the major conflict needs to come pretty quickly.  Geez, how did I miss that!  Here I am, writing a book where the major conflict doesn’t come in until the fourth chapter, that’s 1/4 of the way through the book (there are twelve chapters currently planned and written).

At first when I realized this I was pretty bummed and didn’t know how to rework those first few chapters as I love what I have already written.  Writing is a process of editing and knowing when to delete and change.  I have decided to write a new second chapter and introduce the conflict earlier.  Doing this, I am avoiding having to completely delete my second-fourth chapters, but I will have to change them a little.  Clever, eh?  haha

Anyways, there’s where Rupert is currently at.

Also, here’s a great piece of advice Dad gave me earlier this week.  When you are critiquing a piece of work don’t focus on content but on helping them become a better writer.