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It’s Mah Birfday!

Well…tomorrow is actually my birthday! I thought about holding a contest or giveaway to celebrate, but the Warm Fuzzies Blogfest is coming up in a couple weeks, so I’m going to send out the gift of laughter to you all instead.

I got this comic in an e-mail from my Dad. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

Pearls Before Swine Cartoon

Writer's Critique Group

The Writing Community

Sophia’s post has inspired me, particularly her comments about how welcoming and supportive the writing community is.  I had written a first novel and knew writing was something I wanted to pursue and decided to take the leap into blogging and joining twitter.  At some point in those months (I say that like I don’t remember the exact moment, which in fact I do.  Here’s the blog post: The First Paragraph), Sophia commented on my post.  It was a huge turning point for me, some random stranger had commented on my blog and ended up wanting to be critique partners.

I am not a naturally competitive person.  I feel bad when sports teams lose, even when I’m cheering for a particular team.  I love games but constantly wish everyone could tie.  And I really dislike working really hard for something and still not winning or doing well, especially when there are other people I am competing against.  Those reasons must be why I quit sports after 7th grade and joined choir and did musicals instead.  I adore the writing community for some of these exact same reasons, everyone is so darn welcoming and supportive.  Strangers comment on blog posts and offer what help then can.  Big shot writers add you on twitter and offer advice.  Some may give you harsh critiques, but I haven’t yet encountered anyone who tells others to quit writing entirely, they always say to keep learning and work hard.

How often do we have the chance to belong to a community as wonderful as this?