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Ode to My Neighbors

We are moving.

It’s sad to think we’re leaving this beautiful neighborhood where Cale and I first lived together, where we got Piglet, I started writing, Cale went to school, and where we met Amanda and Justin, our amazing neighbors.

I’m sure it’s the Southern Hospitality thing, but as of yet, I have never met another person who every single time they say, “Hey, how are you, today?” I genuinely feel they want to know how I am. Every single time. I swear, I could sit down and spill my life and they both would sit with me and actually, honestly care.¬† It’s a pretty incredible gift to have been given these two wonderful people as our neighbors for the past year.

Plus, Cale and I have both always known that if the house was burning down, one of them would break out a window and save the dogs. ūüėČ

Yes, this isn’t actually an ode because isn’t an ode a poem? I don’t know. But I do know that I don’t write poetry; I’m terrible at it.

Anyway, thanks for the past year, guys. We’re going to miss you.

Tears of Writerly Sorrow

I haven’t cried while reading since “Where the Red Fern Grows” in elementary school, but “The Forest of Hands and Teeth” had me all sorts of teary.¬† I read some reviews of “The Forest of Hands and Teeth” and realize not everyone enjoyed it, but I loved the writing, characters, plot, the whole shebang.

After finishing the book and setting it on my nightstand, I curled up in bed and tried to sleep.¬† Eyes puffy and headache coming on, all I could think was, I want to write like that.¬† I want to move someone to tears and outright laughter.¬† I want to take people away to another world so that they can’t put the book down until they’ve reached the end.¬† My next thought was, I have¬†so¬†much more work to do! And that’s when the tears started again.


I laid there feeling all sorry for myself and as the first tear dripped down my nose, Pre jumped on my head.


She went to the side of the bed, aimed her little body, and jumped, landing with her sharp claws straight on my closed eye and forhead.

Cale thought it was hilarious.¬† I didn’t.¬† But, reality check!¬† Writing a novel¬†isn’t about writing, it’s about¬†rewriting.¬† Yes, I have a ridiculous amount of work still to do, but that’s the deal I’ve gotten myself into.

So, thanks Pre for jumping on my head and making me stop feeling all lousy.  Dogs are the best.

(As a side note, I realized today I have the habit of writing dialogue backwards.  Usually I know how the conversation will end, so I write that first and then go from there.  Is that weird? Hmm)

(And as another side note, I’m in the midst of putting together a crit group for YA fantasy – or something along those lines.¬† I have two wonderful ladies who are interested and there’s room for a couple more.¬† If you’re interested, let me know. ūüôā )

Crazy Dreams

Cale has the funniest dreams.¬† Many times, I’ll wake up and he’ll be saying something about soccer or directing his team around the field (he played in college).¬† But a few days ago, when I went to see if he was waking up, he was in the midst of a dream I couldn’t stop laughing about…

Married Dogs

I doggone do

Me: Are you waking up?
Cale: Yes, do I need to get dressed up?
Me: For what?
Cale: For Piggy’s [dog’s] wedding.
Me: She’s getting married today?
Cale: Yes.
Me: Is she wearing a white dress?
Cale: Yes.
Me: Is she marrying a Pitt Bull?
Cale: No.
Me: Is she marrying a German Shepherd?
Cale: Yes.
(Piglet comes into the room)
Me: Do you want to see Pig?
Cale: No, I just saw her and told her I was mad at her.
Me: Why are you mad?
Cale: Because she’s leaving me.
Me: Why is she leaving you?
Cale: Because she’s getting married.

Seriously, it was hilarious and I couldn’t stop laughing.¬† Eventually, dream Cale got mad at my laughing and finally woke up.¬†Hilarious.

Pigs in Snow

I’m feeling uncreative with blogging today, but still feel I should post, so instead of writing something I’ll leave you with a video of Piglet and her first time in snow.¬† It didn’t snow much this winter, but both Pig and Pre like it when it did.


Lesson From My Dogs

First, I won! Pia Bernardino hosted a contest on her blog (¬†and I won a $10 gift card to Amazon. How amazing is that.¬† I’m going to have to put some good thought into what books to get…hmm…

Sometimes, in my writing, I have a hard time with silence and have to put a lot of work into sections where I do not have dialogue.  I try to put time and thought into what a characters mannerisms are that will make them unique, so if a reader only reads their movements or thoughts they will immediately know which character it is.  This is a lesson I have learned from my dogs (and have to continue working at!!).

Prefontaine is my Boston mix (both dogs are rescue mutts) she has a firecracker personality.¬† I don’t mean she’s loud and rambunctious, but she is intense.¬† She always lets you know what she is thinking and feeling.¬† She’s the dominant female of the family and often butts Piglet out of the way so she can get attention.¬† This includes crawling on top of Pig if she’s cuddling with me.¬† When she’s happy she squiggles; she’ll roll onto her back and twist back and forth, grunting.¬† She’ll belly crawl across the carpet with a huge smile on her face in the morning.¬† I’ve never seen a dog so happy to wake up for the day.¬† Along with her happiness, comes an opposite pouty nature.¬† She lets you know when she’s mad.¬† If I go out on a run and don’t take her I come back to her sitting on her dog bed.¬† Her head will be down and she won’t come see me for an hour, at least not until I am fully punished.¬† Pre also does not like carrots.¬† She’ll sniff and push her head away to tell you so.

Piglet (German Shepherd/Pitt Bull mix), on the other hand, is not an attention seeker.¬† She often lays at the opposite end of the couch and does not like cuddling all that much.¬† She’ll give kisses, but they’re tentatively given- you can tell she thinks hard about who and when she’ll give them out.¬† She snorts when she’s happy, when she’s sleeping, and when she’s getting her belly scratched.¬† She loves nothing better than swimming and running off leash when we’re at the trails.¬† Often, she’ll disappear in the house and we’ll find her asleep on our bed.¬† It seems to be her ‘safe’ place.¬† Not much bothers or upsets her, she seems to be even keel in emotion.¬† She also has refused to learn how to walk on a leash so we have to walk her on a harness, which she absolutely hates and backs away from when we start putting it on.

How much do you learn from someone from their body language, without talking to them?  Quite a lot.

The happiness tip for today isn’t really a happiness tip, but a piece of advice for writing.¬† I have real life inspiration for my character, Rupert.¬† To get to know¬†Rupert better, I sat and watched my inspiration and wrote pages purely on his mannerisms and things that made him unique.¬† After that, I picked out the ones that were Rupert.¬† My advice, is to take time getting to know your characters actions, the parts that make them interesting and be sure that is put into your writing.¬† This will develop those characters in your readers’ imaginations and will stick much better than any dialogue!